Congratulations on your successful interview! We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to work for EMS.

To proceed with the recruitment process, you will need to complete the following forms:

You will also need to provide the following:

  • Passport Photo Page & Cover
  • Proof of National Insurance (this can be a payslip or other tax document)
  • Proof of Academic Qualifications (i.e. BA Hons certificate etc.)
  • Name, Email & Job Title of two Employment Referees
  • ID Photo (this will be used on your ID badge and also on our website)
  • Proof of Enhanced DBS dated within 12 months (if you do not have this, we will process one)
  • Right to Work Sharecode (applicable to all non-British nationals – https://www.gov.uk/prove-right-to-work/get-a-share-code-online)

Once completed, please return all of the above in ONE email to ealingmusicservice@ealing.gov.uk and Cc BuckleA@ealing.gov.uk.

You are also required to complete a Pre-Employment Medical Questionnaire and send to occupationalhealth@ealing.gov.uk
NB. This is confidential and must only be sent directly to Occupational Health, and no one else. All of the information provided must be accurate and correct to the best of your knowledge. If any information provided is found to be incorrect, it could forfeit your application and employment with EMS and Ealing Council.