Do any of the above apply to you?

Do NOT go to work/school
DO contact EMS ASAP
DO arrange for a test ASAP (within 4 days) for you or your household if applicable
DO follow Gov guidelines if arriving from a country not on the air corridor list – See website

Go to work or school as normal

Have you and/or your household /bubble received a positive test result?

If you test positive, you need to self-isolate for 10 days. If you have been feeling well for at least 48 hours, you can return on day 12 from the start of your symptoms. If you still feel unwell you should continue to stay home.

You can end your self-isolation early with a negative test result as soon as your symptoms have settled as advised DO send a copy of the result to EMS.

If you have to self-isolate, are you able to deliver lessons online?

Let EMS know and we will contact the school

Lessons will need to be made up later in the year or the school will receive fewer lessons and staff not paid


Yes! We will process 4 weeks’ worth of payment for requested hours to be paid on 26th October regardless of the number of weeks you are able to deliver, as long as you submit your EMS202’s by Friday 16th October. If this is not possible due to school-related delays, please liaise with Paul Stewart immediately. The additional payment will be adjusted by 31st March 2021, rather than at the end of the autumn term which is just before Christmas. If you do not submit your EMS202 by Friday 16th October or speak to Paul Stewart (do not leave it until the last minute), Paul will not process any payment for October.

Please work with Paul as his deadline to confirm hours is Monday 19th October, the very next day if you take out the weekend.

Yes! Ealing Council has authorised online lessons on condition that council-owned-and-managed iPads be used. Staff that choose to infringe this requirement may be putting themselves at risk.

We are aware that some teachers would like to use peripheral equipment that is not supported by iPads, however, we don’t require professional quality presentations. We do require you to deliver lessons using excellent teaching strategies and pedagogical practice, for which, an iPad is adequate. Moreover, online lessons may need to be delivered from school premises (eg to bubble groups that are isolating), for which, we do not require staff to travel with any IT equipment other than what is essential.

Work-in-progress Responses

  • Whole-school lockdown – Teachers to provide online lessons at the same time, day and week as normal from their own homes. Any deviation from this must be agreed with the relevant school(s) and communicated to the EMS admin team.
  • Bubble groups lockdown – Teachers to provide and will be paid to deliver online lessons at the same time, day and week as normal from the school premises or, if this is no possible, as per agreement with the relevant school(s) and communicated to the EMS admin team.
  • Teachers that are required to self-isolate – Lesson(s) to be made up or the school refunded, teachers will not be paid for lessons not delivered/replaced.