EMS Stage Achievement Certificates

EMS is keen that its small group tuition students take graded exams, however, the gap between an absolute beginner and Grade 1 is quite significant. In an attempt to bridge that gap, EMS has created 3 Stages, giving students concrete objectives and achievement certificates to work towards. Having a structured path and specific goals to aim for boosts a student’s confidence and enriches their learning experience.

EMS Stage objectives aim to give students a solid musical start and foster well-rounded musicianship, rather than limiting learning exclusively to exam pieces. Thus, alongside with the instrumental technical requirements and general musicianship skills, emphasis is also on aural development, musical literacy & theory, and performance. While there is suggested bibliography and resources in this handbook, teachers are free to use material of their own choosing.


To submit your ‘Stage Certificate Assessments’, please use the NEW submission form: EMS257 – Stage Achievement Certificate Register – TEACHER TEMPLATE.xlsx

This new process will allow you to bulk submit entries a lot more easily and in a fraction of the time! To ensure a successful submission, please be sure to follow the steps outlined below, and if you have any questions about Stage Achievements or require any assistance, please contact Mariana & Michal.


  • STEP 1 – Download the EMS257 – Stage Achievement Certificate Register – TEACHER TEMPLATE.xlsx spreadsheet and rename it by replacing the words ‘TEACHER TEMPLATE’ in the filename, with ‘YOUR NAME’ & save.

  • STEP 2 – Complete all sections of this ‘Stage Achievement Certificate Register’ spreadsheet as required & save.

  • STEP 3 – Collate all your assessment marksheets, ready to send along with the ‘Stage Achievement Certificate Register’ spreadsheet. If you have a large number to submit and would prefer to use a service such as ‘WeTransfer’, please be sure to provide the share link along with the submission register spreadsheet.

  • STEP 4 – Email the spreadsheet plus ALL assessment marksheets TO: ealingmusicservice@ealing.gov.uk with the SUBJECT ‘Stage Achievement Certificate’.