Starting on the Right Note

Ealing Music Service strives to become the Employer of Choice for music teachers in the borough. We therefore aim to:

  • Challenge staff to be the best at what they do
  • Support staff in the development of skills and knowledge
  • Pay staff fairly, recognising and rewarding excellence
  • Ensure Job Satisfaction through comprehensive performance management and a variety of provision offers

This document sets out the key principles of the relationship between EMS and its teachers.

Ealing Music Partnership
Ealing Music Service (EMS) is the lead organisation of Ealing Music Partnership (the Music Education Hub for Ealing Borough). Our work is directed by the Ealing Music Strategy Group which plays a central role in shaping priorities and aims to make the most efficient and effective use of the various funding sources and resources for music education in and out of school. The work of the Ealing Music Partnership is a fully traded service and its work is funded by the Music Education Hub grant from Arts Council England, which supports services to schools at subsidised rates, and earned income from schools.

Our Mission
Ealing Music Partnership will secure a rich musical legacy for all our children and young people maximizing the potential of every child through collaborative music-making, rejuvenating professional learning to secure confidence in the workforce and accelerating progression pathways for our most talented young musicians.

I wish to provide all relevant information to enable EMS staff provide their pupils with high-quality learner experiences. I would like to wish you and your pupils an extremely exciting and productive year ahead.

The terms and conditions set out in this staff handbook are said to have been agreed on by each teacher upon the completion of ONE of the following:

  • delivering any kind of EMS provision for EMS during the academic year 2019-20
  • submitting an EMS Timetable Confirmation Form (EMS202)

Yogesh Dattani, Head of Ealing Music Service.

Small Group Tuition

Tuition to small groups (alongside individuals) by EMS specialist music teachers in line with the needs of the school. Schools request teachers on an hourly basis (usually a minimum 2 hours) and are charged directly by EMS. Most schools choose recoup some or all of the costs from parents as necessary. Once requested, provision continues until cancelled in line with section 7.6.4.

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET) – known as Spark! from 2016

Tuition to whole classes on one or more related instruments, as required by the National Plan for Music Education (NPME). Provision is delivered by one lead teacher and one assistant teacher. EMS provide either or both of these specialist music teachers in line with the needs of the school. Schools request WCET provision on a yearly basis. The cost of the programme is subsidised for all classes in the year group of the school’s choice.

Programme Overview:

  • Whole class music learning that enables every child to play a musical instrument
  • CPD for class teacher or music coordinator by learning alongside the children under the guidance of an EMS instrumental music teacher
  • 45-60-minute lessons for 30 weeks per academic year (Whole class for terms 1 and 2 and small group continuation in term 3)
  • Learning focussed on practical music making, instrumental technique and general musicianship skills and knowledge, which complements the National Curriculum
  • Instruments for every pupil to take home and practise
  • Performance opportunities for every child within their school
  • Access to other performance opportunities within Ealing
  • Quality assurance, advice and monitoring from EMS Senior Leadership Team
  • Schools choose a programme in consultation with Lee Marchant
  • Minimum number of staff required to deliver each programme is two (Lead and Assistant)
  • 3 performances per year, 2 to be open to the public.

School Ensembles

Leading of school ensembles (orchestra, bands, choirs) by EMS specialist music teachers in line with the needs of the school. Schools request teachers on an hourly basis (usually for a minimum of 2 hours) and are charged directly by EMS. Once requested, provision continues until cancelled in line with section 7.6.4.

Instrument Hire

The hiring of musical instruments belonging to Ealing Music Service to pupils (via parent contracts), schools and partner organisations.

Syndicate Primary Music Specialist

A primary music specialist to provide curriculum music teaching and/or music making in schools for a set number of half days per week. Schools buy into the Syndicate Primary Music Specialist for a minimum of 2 academic years.

EMS Teacher

Any teacher who delivers music tuition for Ealing Music Service, whether employed or on a self-employed basis.

Teachers will:

  • Maintain good communication with schools and the EMS office
  • Teach for 10 sessions on average each term (30 weeks per year) ensuring all schools have a copy of your teaching days in advance (via EMS202)
  • Teach lessons on the same day each week
  • Assist each school in timetabling of lessons
  • Make regular assessments of all pupils and maintain records of each pupil’s progress
  • Provide termly registers, planning and annual reports to EMS and make other records available by specific deadlines.
  • Be aware of the developments in classroom music including National Curriculum requirements
  • Take all possible measures to ensure that pupils attend lessons by following up absences
  • Be punctual at all times and notify the school and EMS of any absence.
  • Ensure that lessons begin on time and pupils receive their full entitlement
  • Take responsibility for resources and materials used during teaching including assistance with instrument repairs where necessary
  • Adhere to the EMS Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Attend a minimum of two Twilight Teacher Training sessions in a calendar year
  • Dress in a manner which is both appropriate and acceptable to schools
  • Give notice of at least one-half term plus a week to EMS of intention to stop teaching a provision

Schools will:

  • Maintain good communication with the EMS teacher, providing a named contact
  • Provide a room of sufficient size where there is little interruption but where teachers can be seen from outside
  • Provide music stands where necessary
  • Take responsibility for ensuring teacher’s timetables are to the school’s satisfaction
  • Ensure teaching spaces are ready for the provision each week
  • Provide a signing-in procedure for all EMS staff. This will be used as proof of attendance
  • Report any issues promptly to EMS
  • Manage waiting lists
  • Inform EMS of pupils taking part in tuition and inform changes and cancellations in good time
  • Complete annual Arts Council Data Returns (summer term) in good time
  • Pay EMS for the provision on a termly basis
  • Recoup costs from parents as necessary

EMS will:

  • Pay the teacher as appropriate
  • complete performance management on EMS teachers
  • ensure quality of provision in conjunction with the school
  • liaise with Arts Council England regarding funding
  • communicate with schools, parents and teachers appropriately and in good time

Parents will:

  • support pupils in their learning by encouraging practice at home
  • ensure availability of a suitable instrument to learn with
  • provide resources when necessary, including reeds, strings & musical scores
  • pay for any provision on time and to the appropriate organisation

EMS expects all Teachers to conduct themselves in a professional manner appropriate to the situation in which they are teaching.

Discipline & Behaviour

All disciplinary matters should be referred to the appropriate teacher in the school. Unless a child is in danger of injuring him/herself or another person, EMS teachers should not intervene in the first instance. Teachers should be aware of what the school expects in such circumstances by ensuring they have a copy of each school’s behaviour policy.

Appropriate Dress

EMS Teachers should dress appropriately for the provision that is being taught. Teachers should dress smartly but remain comfortable. It is the EMS Teacher’s responsibility to make themselves aware of and adhere to the dress code of each of the schools they teach in.


Teachers are expected to arrive at each school or centre with time to prepare for their teaching. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, teachers are expected to inform schools as soon as it is apparent that they will be arriving late.

If teachers are absent, they are required to contact both the EMS office and the school

Mobile Phones

EMS staff must keep mobile phones switched off or silent during lessons. Any use of portable devices used for the delivery of lessons, must be brought to the attention and agreed with the music contact person of the relevant school.

Emergency Contact

You are permitted to provide a list of all schools/times/days to family and/or close friends in case of emergencies.

Communications regarding change of provision initiated by Teachers

Any communications relating to proposed changes of provisions especially where this relates to teachers proposing to resign must be progressed through EMS and NOT with the school, pupils or parents.

Senior Manager:  Yogesh Dattani, Head of Service, ydattani@ealing.gov.uk

Teachers have a duty to ensure that pupils remain safe and protected from maltreatment whilst in their care.

Child Protection Policy

All new members of staff will be required to sign and agree to adhere to this policy. This is a statutory requirement and no member of staff will be allowed to teach in Ealing schools before this document is signed. The current Child Protection Policy can be found here: EMS803 Safeguarding Child Protection Policy.pdf

Designated Teachers for Child Protection

In line with Ofsted requirements, all staff will be expected to know who the Designated Teacher for Child Protection is in every school that they teach. The current list can be found at: www.ealingmusicservice.com/staff.


Teachers are expected to confirm their identity to school staff. Any member of staff that is refused entry to a school on the grounds that they are unable to confirm their identity will not be paid for missed lessons. A Photo ID, Passport, ID card or a driving licence can be used for identification.

DBS Status

EMS will initiate a DBS check for all Teachers on recruitment and then every three years. Teachers are requested to provide the necessary documentation for these checks in a timely manner to ensure smooth running of the scheme.

EMS will make available to schools upon request Safeguarding Children details of relevant EMS staff. The data that we hold includes:

  • CRB/DBS Certificate No
  • Date of Child Protection Training attended
  • Child Protection Policy signed
  • Designated Child Protection Officers list sent

In addition to DBS checks, EMS require all staff working with children to complete a Childcare Disqualification Declaration (EMS807)

Physical Contact Advice

As a guide, EMS advises teachers not to make physical contact with children.

Any time when demonstration of body movements requires physical contact with the pupil such as correction of posture, hands, fingers, and embouchure – the movements should be carefully explained first. Only when this is insufficient should physical contact be an additional course of action and permission sought first.

Following any incident where a teacher feels any actions have been or may have been misconstrued a written report of the matter should be submitted to the Head Teacher of the school and Head of EMS immediately. This includes cases where a teacher has to restrain a pupil physically to prevent him/her from inflicting injury to self or others.

Social Media & Electronic Communication

In order to safeguard both EMS Teachers and pupils, EMS does not allow teachers to interact in any way with pupils through unmonitored channels (email, text etc.) and in any social area including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube.

Responding to Communications

EMS staff are expected to respond to communications from the EMS Team or relevant schools in an appropriate and timely manner.

When: Replies should be sent within at least 72 hours of receiving any request.

How: Replies should be made by the most efficient means. This is often by email but could be a phone call if the nature of the request is complex. Email communications must be made using London Grid for Learning (LGfL) email accounts which are provided for all staff (ask the Music Hub Administrator for details).

Who: If teachers are unsure of whom to present a question to, always contact the office directly, either by phone or to the general EMS email: ealingmusicservice@ealing.gov.uk

To Help: see section EMS Staff

Inappropriate Communications

As stated in section 4, in order to safeguard both EMS Teachers and pupils, EMS does not allow teachers to interact in any way with pupils through unmonitored channels (email, text etc.) and in any social area including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube. More details can be found in EMS711 Social Media Policy.

Rescheduling/Cancellation of Specific Lessons

Teachers or Schools that need to reschedule one-off specific lessons may do so by providing the relevant parties (School, Teacher & EMS) with 10 school days’ notice as long as they are able to provide an alternative date during the same academic year that is agreeable by all parties.

If schools are unable to provide 10 schools days’ notice then they will be invoiced, and the teacher will be paid for the missed lesson.

Council Email accounts

All EMS teaching staff will be provided a London Grid for Learning (LGfL) email account and are expected to use this account for all communications with EMS, parents and schools.

Parental Communication

When communicating with parents, teachers should use the practice book in the first instance and communicate through this channel and not verbally with the pupil. If communication via e-mail is necessary, teachers much use their LGfL account. If this does not work, a letter home via the pupil should be the next course of action and then a letter sent to the parent via the school.

Senior Managers: Alexandra Buckle, Assistant Head of Service, BuckleA@ealing.gov.uk

EMS teachers are required to undertake certain professional duties, these duties are detailed below:


Staff are required to submit their lesson plans to both EMS and relevant schools as per section 10.3.


Staff are required to assess the attainment level in music of all their pupils termly. This data will be collected through submission of registers. Staff will be required to write Pupil Progress Evaluations on all pupils (including those participating in EMS and school ensembles) during the start of each spring term.

Performance Opportunities

All members of staff are expected to provide their pupils with regular performance opportunities – termly if possible, but at least once a year.

Ensemble Participation

Staff should be aware of ensemble opportunities within the Borough and encourage their pupils where appropriate to engage in at least one extra-curricular collaborative music-making activity. EMS positively encourages teachers who wish to lead or set-up school-based ensembles; please contact a member of the SLT for more information.

For details of EMS Ensembles see Ensembles

Performance Management

EMS is committed to effective performance management as a supportive approach to developing all teachers with the aim of improving teaching and the learning experience for all children.

The Performance Management process is a shared responsibility between EMS and its teachers and formulates the professional development and quality measures of our provision.

Please refer to the Performance Management Policy (EMS250) for more information.


EMS offers a range of CPD offers for teachers including:

Twilight Teacher Training: All EMS Teacher are required to attend at least 2 Twilight Teacher Training sessions each year. These are held on the first Wednesday after half-term each term.

Mandatory Child Protection Training: All EMS teachers must attend an Ealing Child Protection Training Course within 3 months of starting work for EMS. All staff are required to attend a further course every 3 years to ensure knowledge is kept up to date.

Senior Manager: Lee Marchant, Assistant Head of Service, marchantl@ealing.gov.uk

Requesting Small Groups & Individual Tuition or an Ensemble

Schools who wish to obtain the services of an EMS teacher to provide tuition to small groups or individuals or lead an Ensemble must complete an EMS Provision Request Form (EMS103) and return it to EMS ideally at least half a term before provision is requested to start.

On receipt of a Provision Request Form, the EMS office will gather all the information from the school and contact suitable EMS teachers to deliver the provision. When an agreement is found, details of the provision will be emailed to the teacher and school.

Requesting Whole Class Ensemble Tuition

Schools must request WCET (Spark!) provision on an annual basis. Schools that are interested in running a Spark! programme should request a meeting with Lee Marchant (Assistant Head of Service) by emailing marchantl@ealing.gov.uk

Provision Confirmation

When a teacher has agreed to take on a certain provision, they should initiate communication with the school well before provision starts. Items that should be discussed are:

  • suitability of teaching space
  • suitability of pupils (minimum age etc.)
  • ID required to enter school premises (DBS etc.)
  • agreeing to timetabling
  • agreeing first day of provision including timings
  • agreeing of teaching dates for rest of academic year (30 per year) by completing an EMS Timetable Confirmation Form (EMS202)

EMS teachers are required to negotiate and confirm with their named contact the 30 weeks in which they intend to teach at each school for the academic year by the end of September each year, and complete and return an EMS Timetable Confirmation Form (EMS202) to the EMS Hub Administrator countersigned by the school to confirm these dates have been agreed. Schools are advised to take a copy of this form for their records.

The First Week

On or before the first week of teaching, EMS teachers must obtain from the schools the following:

  • The School’s SEND policy
  • Details of the School’s designated child protection officer
  • The School’s behaviour policy and explanation of how the school expects EMS teachers to deal with inappropriate behaviour
  • A timetable of their tuition together with pupil lists
  • Any relevant Individual Education Plans
  • Any dress code the school enforces
  • Assurance that any new students have access to relevant musical instruments
  • Contact details for any school staff involved in the delivery of any WCET programmes

Staff should contact the EMS office if they have any difficulty obtaining this information.

The Rest of the Year

EMS aim for provision to run smoothly throughout the academic year. In order to maintain this, EMS request EMS teachers assist them in the following:

Pupil Data

Teachers are expected to submit registers for all EMS provision at the end of each term. Registers must be emailed to ealingmusicservice@ealing.gov.uk. See section Submission Checklist below for details

It is each school’s responsibility to notify EMS by email of any change in pupil lists including new pupils and pupils who stop having lessons.

Changes to Provision

Schools who would like to make any changes to Small Group & Individual Tuition must complete and return an EMS Change of Provision Request Form (EMS102) in accordance with the submission deadlines shown on the School Service Menu

Increases in tuition cannot be guaranteed by EMS and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Schools are not required to sign up for Small Group & Individual Tuition provision each year, therefore EMS will assume that provision will continue until a valid EMS Change of Provision Request Form (EMS102) is received.

Schools sign up to WCET provision on an annual basis. Changes are only possible when signing up for WCET provision each year.

Deadlines & Notice Periods

The following notice periods for changing / cancelling contact hours, days and times apply to both EMS teachers and schools (including resignation):

Ad hoc requests

Schools that wish to involve their EMS teacher in ad hoc activities such as concerts, parents’ evenings, open evenings, exams or other events will be charged at the current teaching rate. Schools must firstly speak to the teacher and then jointly complete and return an EMS Provision Request Form (EMS103) to EMS to confirm that the school is willing to pay for and provide details of the request.

The EMS Provision Request Form (EMS103) must be signed by a school budget holder and returned to EMS before the concert/event. Once agreed by EMS and the teacher has attended the concert/event the teacher must submit an EMS Non-teaching Claim (EMS203) stating the contact hours and event details. Once processed, the teacher will be paid in their next pay packet.


EMS administers many awards that students may be applicable to apply for. Teachers should be aware of these awards and encourage students/parents to apply as appropriate. For information see Awards


If appropriate, teachers are encouraged to enter students for exams. Teachers are expected to enter students themselves (or ask parents to do it themselves). For more information see Exams

Change in hours

If a school wishes to change the hours you teach, they must complete a new EMS Timetable Confirmation Form (EMS202)

If the change is to reduce hours, they will have to give the required notice and the office will confirm when the change will take place.

If the change is an addition to your hours, then the teacher will be asked when they are happy to teach the extra hours. Once this has been agreed, the teacher must complete a new EMS Timetable Confirmation Form (EMS202), have this signed by the school and return it to the office. This is the only way invoicing and teacher pay will remain accurate.

The Year After

Continuation of Small Group & Individual Tuition provision

Schools are not required to sign up for Small Group & Individual Tuition provision each year, therefore EMS will assume that provision will continue unless an EMS Provision Request Form (EMS102) is received and receipt confirmed.

In following the procedures detailed above, Ealing Music Service trusts that schools will develop a proactive relationship with their EMS teachers helping to develop a thriving musical scene in all schools.

Annual Requests for WCET

Since WCET provision is subsidised by Arts Council England, EMS require schools to sign up to WCET provision each year.

In order to provide optimal continuity for pupils the following strategies have been established:

EMS Teacher Unplanned Absence

If an EMS teacher is unwell or, due to other unforeseen circumstances outside of their control, is unable to deliver lessons on a certain day, they must inform both the school and EMS by 8.30am on the morning of the absence.

Staff are required to make-up missed lessons in the following order of priority:

  • Teacher to reschedule lesson during another week in the same term
  • Teacher to reschedule lesson during the following term
  • Teacher to provide a lesson during another day in the same week
  • EMS to arrange a cover make-up lesson at a later date, if possible
  • Refund the school for the relevant hours on their next invoice

EMS teachers are not permitted to delegate teaching duties to non-EMS staff.

EMS Teacher Planned Absence

EMS understands that since many EMS teachers are professional musicians, there may be rare circumstances during which they may request an EMS Change in teaching schedule due to a professional commitment. Teachers must apply for schedule changes directly to the schools they work in with at least 4 weeks’ notice.

In order to provide optimal continuity for pupils, teachers must be able to undertake one of the following:

  1. Teacher to reschedule lesson during another week during the same academic year
  2. Teacher to provide a lesson during another day during the same academic year
  3. Teacher to arrange for lessons to be covered by another EMS teacher

EMS teachers are not permitted to delegate teaching duties to non-EMS staff.

Schools requests to reschedule lesson(s)

Schools that need to reschedule specific lessons may do so by providing the relevant teacher and EMS with a minimum of 10 school days’ notice as long as it is able to provide an alternative date during the same academic year that is agreeable with the EMS teacher. It is important to ensure that teacher do not suffer financially. If schools are unable to provide 10 schools days’ notice then they will be invoiced for the missed session and the teacher will be paid for the missed lesson.

Unplanned School closures

If schools are closed for any unplanned reason (i.e. strike action, adverse weather etc.) section 8.3 remains applicable. If 10 days’ notice is given teachers should attempt to make-up the lesson; if a make-up is not possible, schools can apply for a rebate on their next EMS invoice.

Senior Manager: Yogesh Dattani,  Head of Service, ydattani@ealing.gov.uk

Teaching Hours

All EMS teachers are paid on an hourly basis. EMS place staff in schools for a minimum of two hours per visit (unless otherwise agreed with both school and teacher).

Hours will be agreed by EMS, School and Teacher at the beginning of each academic year and signed off using EMS Timetable Confirmation Form (EMS202),


All procedures applicable to EMS teacher pay can be found in the EMS Teacher Pay Policy

Sections of note include:

  • Basic Pay Rates
  • Instrument Maintenance Payments
  • Extra Payments


To view payslips, all employees should log onto iTrent.

iTrent can be accessed at https://lbealli.webitrent.com/lbealli_ess/ess/index.html#/login

To log on, you will need to enter your account details (username and password).

Your username is your seven-digit employee number

Your initial password is ‘lbe’ plus your date of birth expressed in the format DDMMYY eg if your birthday is 15 June 1978, enter lbe150678

When you first login in you will be prompted to change your password. You will also need to complete your memorable information.

Once logged into iTrent, click on ‘Payroll’ tab and then ‘Payslips’

If you experience any difficulty please contact the iTrent Support Team by calling 020 8825 9000 and then selecting options 3 (HR Shared Services Centre), 2 (Non-schools Enquiries) and then 4 (iTrent Support Team).

This information can also be found at Staff (Use the duplicate block facility for this!

Report Writing Allowance

Payment for report writing is automatically paid to teachers by the July pay at the latest. Teachers will be paid the following rates for writing small group and individual reports:

Number of pupils taught in small group lessons per week Number of hours claimable
Up to 301 1
31 to 45 1.5
46 to 60 2
61 to 75 2.5
76 to 90 3
91 to 105 3.5
106 to 120 4
121 to 150 4.5
150 or more 5

For WCET teaching, the higher rate of pay incudes time for report writing, therefore, no extra claim should be made.

EMS Meeting Attendance

When attending official EMS meeting Teachers must ensure they sign in as evidence that they attended the meeting. EMS will arrange payment based on attendance and confirmation by the relevant member of the SLT.


Teachers who are directly employed (PAYE) by the authority are coved by the council’s public liability insurance policy. Teachers who are not directly employed through PAYE will need to ensure they are covered by an appropriate policy. The Musicians Union can provide this.

Teaching Schedules

Ealing schools have opted to have 30 instrumental lessons during the year.

Staff timetables will be confirmed towards the end of each summer. Staff must submit an EMS Teacher Timetable Confirmation Form (EMS202) which details their intended teaching weeks (10 per term).

This will determine each teacher’s weekly pay and for which weeks they will be paid. Teachers will need to refer to individual school websites or the Ealing Occasional & Training Days booklet (to be circulated in September) to determine which days each school will be closed for training.

In addition to Teacher’s weekly teaching commitments, EMS require Teachers to complete Safeguarding & Child Protection Training every 2 years and attend at least 2 out of 3 Twilight Teacher Training sessions.

Staff will also be expected to be available for a reasonable period of time to occasionally meet with a member of the EMS Team.

EMS reserve the right to allocate teachers where work is available and make considerable effort to offer a balanced package of work. Teachers are encouraged to be open to working in a range of schools across the Borough rather than a select few.

Change/Cancellation of Contact Hours

Teachers and schools must abide by the deadlines stated at section 7.6.4 when requesting the following: change of contact day or time, change of contact hours, school cancellation of provision or teacher wishes to resign.

Forms Deadline
EMS Teacher EMS Timetable Confirmation (EMS202) End of September
EMS Registers and Planning & Recording Documents (EMS208) These are submitted termly on the last Friday of each term
EMS Teacher Availability Form (EMS204) End of the second week of the summer term
Pupil Progress Evaluations (reports) March/April
Submission of LBE Declaration of Interest Form – Accessed using iTrent Annually each May

Links to all forms can be found on the LINKS page here: https://ealingmusicservice.com/links

General Enquiries

Address: Ealing Music Service, Dominion Centre & Library, 112 The Green, Southall, UB2 4BQ
Telephone: 02088439121
Email: ealingmusicservice@ealing.gov.uk
Twitter: @EalingMusic
Facebook: WeAreEMS

EMS Key Staff

Yogesh Dattani – Head of Service & Ealing Music Partnership

Email: YDattani@ealing.gov.uk

Lee Marchant – Deputy Head of Service

Responsible for overall management of School Provisions & liaison with School-Based Teachers including Secondary, Primary, Ensembles, Singing Strategy, Early Years and CPD
Email: MarchantL@ealing.gov.uk

Alexandra Buckle – Deputy Head of Service

Responsible for overall management of EMS Instrumental Teachers & services to Pupils including Scholarships, Progression and WCET.
Email: BuckleA@ealing.gov.uk

Rita Judge – Business Development Manager

Responsible for Finance, Marketing, Administration and Operations.
Email: RitaJ@ealing.gov.uk

Roger O’Grady-Walsh – Projects and Media Officer

All-round administrative support with a focus on Media, Instruments, Projects and Events.
Email: RWalsh@ealing.gov.uk

Josh Lenehan – Music Hub Administrator

All-round administrative support with a focus on Finance, HR and Marketing.
Email: LenehanJ@ealing.gov.uk

Caroline Swan – Music Leader – Ensemble Development

Email: SwanC@ealing.gov.uk

Michal Wesolowski – Music Leader – Instrumental Progression

Email: WesolowskiM@ealing.gov.uk

Ross Kenning – Music Leader – Music Technology & Pupil Achievement

Email: KenningR@ealing.gov.uk

Juleka Nwanko – Music Awards Mentor

Email: Nwankwoj@ealing.gov.uk