As a teacher with EMS, we provide a comprehensive package of CPD (continuing professional development) throughout the year. This helps you grow as a teacher but also as a musician. We offer a whole-day training event in September, which includes training from an external provider and a team-bonding event. In the Summer, we run a Twilight event (4-7pm) for our teachers, which covers training and discussion of an element we feel would be helpful before the new academic year. Teachers are paid for attendance at both training events. Over the past year, our training has been held with Awards for Young Musicians, Nate Holder at Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery in Ealing.

In January, we allocate £100 to our teachers to spend on their own, personalised CPD. We offer a choice of four providers (short-listed from a number of applicants). The focus is different each year. 2022-23 will focus on teacher wellbeing and mindfulness so a special music mindful app is one option; life coaching is another and Dalcroze Eurthymics is also on offer. We also support teachers choosing their own course (with our approval) or attending one with Music Mark.


Find out more about what CPD options are available, below.

The simple act of playing music is mindfulness in action. Being able to sharpen that mindful-focusing skill for you, and your students, can be the difference between them accessing a music lesson or not. The ability to calm and focus is key to any enriching experience or positive outcome.

The Mindful Tune-ups package will give you access to the innovative web app for twelve months. This is packed full of mindfulness and music activities for inspiration. You will receive the app, two mindfulness and music online CPDs and the option of further training. These sessions will offer fresh ideas to bring into your lessons, helping students to truly engage. Music Teacher Magazine described it as a ‘beautifully presented resource’ which ‘I’m sure will become a ‘go-to’.

Coaching is an opportunity for you to build awareness about yourself through guided reflection, make choices for yourself and set goals that will help you progress in the areas of life that are most important to you. You can reflect and share your ideas around your teaching as well as set goals and take action on aspects that you feel need attention.  Areas that are often challenges could include overwhelm, confidence and self belief or connectivity with others. You will be supported by Justyn Waterman (qualified coach) to explore how you can become the best version of yourself which will, in turn, support your teaching.

Justyn is an experienced coach who has worked with many teaching professionals across the full range of education provision. He runs his own coaching business, Spark Change Coaching, as well as being an associate for Leadership Edge – Coaching in school, Full Circle Education Consultancy and Life Clubs. Whether working in a group coaching situation or 1 to 1, Justyn’s calm, curious and friendly style will put you at ease as you discover what you want to do in you professional or personal journey.


Dr. Liz – University Professor
 I have just finished a three month course of sessions with Justyn, and it is one of the best investments – financially and emotionally – that I could have made. Through his sensibility, expertise, compassion, insight and guidance, I have explored a plethora of subjects relevant to me, which have allowed me to obtain a new level of understanding about how I think, how I feel, and how these impact the professional choices I have made – and need to make in moving forwards. As humans, we each remain a constant work-in-progress, but the knowledge I have gained from Justyn has provided me with a sense of personal empowerment which has given me a renewed sense of optimism and confidence. I have already made pivotal changes, and will continue to do so.

Ellen – Charities Professional
Justyn is a fantastic coach. I highly recommend working with him! He is a thoughtful and deep listener and helped me bring attention to some stories I’d been telling myself that were holding me back. Working with Justyn helped me make progress on some areas of my work and life that felt really scary, because through the coaching I was able to see a path forward and cultivate the belief in myself that I need to succeed.

Music Teacher
Justyn helped me identify the root of the challenges in my teaching practice; I‘m sure his own background in teaching and music was a massive help for me. Justyn’s friendly, calm and perspective manner helped me face a lot of realities and also helped me analyse what I can be doing to make myself more content in my work.

For example: ‘Dalcroze Eurhythmics uses movement as a tool for gaining a deep understanding of the elements of music. It places practice before theory and encourages experience and discovery. It improves rhythmic expression, aural perception, sight-reading skill, and creative confidence. Teachers will benefit from leaning many games and techniques which will benefit their teaching. Attend a Taster Day to learn more about the method or sign up for the five week course for a more in depth introduction. Costs are £90 for a Taster Day (9.0 – 5 pm) or £100 for five 90 minute sessions.’

Attend a course or Taster Day to learn more about Dalcroze Eurthymics. You will learn many games and exercises which will benefit your teaching. Feedback from a recent CPD session was: ‘More Dalcroze please!’

As someone who founded Ealing Music Service, Kaye does a special discount for EMS staff members.

The course takes place at St. Andrew’s Church Centre, Ealing, West London, on dates throughout the year, from 9.00am – 5.00 pm. The church is close to Ealing Broadway station, which is on the Central Line and Elizabeth Line.


Kaye Barker – Dalcroze UK
Kaye is an experienced violinist and classroom teacher who now focuses entirely on teaching and promoting Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Her professional music career began as a member of the 1st Violin section of the BBC Philharmonic. She was appointed Head of Strings for Ealing Music Service and later Head of Music at Gumley House School FCJ in West London.

Kaye currently teaches Dalcroze Eurhythmics on the String & Brass Training Programme at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. In September 2019 she moved to Geneva to study full time at the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze as a candidate for the Diplôme Supérieur, which she completed in December 2021. Kaye was the recipient of the Jean Vincent prize (2012), the Ingham Memorial Prize (2019) and the Aletheia prize (2020), which was awarded for her Diplôme Supérieur choreography.

Join Music Mark for a conference: they cover just about everything from leadership skills to inclusive approaches to technology and accessible instrument workshops.

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Music Mark Education Events

Choose to spend money on your own training. Please discuss this with Alexandra Buckle in advance of booking. But, if it helps your training as a teacher and musician, we will be happy to sign this off for you! In the past, our teachers have attended a wide variety of courses from Trinity College of Music to the British Flute Society; Ukulele Society of Great Britain and The Society for Indian Music and Arts.


Access music education resources designed for the classroom, including play-alongs and learning tools created to support teaching from ages 7 to 16 (Key Stage 2 – 4).

For more information visit: https://www.musicalfuturesonline.org