Reporting Accidents and Incidents

All accidents and other incidents sustained by staff as part of their contract of work with Ealing Music Service (EMS) or by members of the public while engaging with an EMS activity or event must be reported to the council’s central incident reporting system for investigation and action as appropriate.

This includes accidents and incidents that occur at home or at someone else’s premises whilst performing duties for work

In the first instance, notify your Line Manager and Head of Service immediately if possible and otherwise within 24 hours.

Your Line Manager or Head of Service will agree with you which of you will report the accident/incident, depending on who is best placed to do so (you may request your Line Manager to do this), and whether you have access to the council’s incident reporting portal.

Council Incident/Accident Report Form

The councils incident/accident reporting portal can be found at

The accident/incident report has 4 sections:

1.    Reporter Contact Details: N.B.. please enter your official EMS email address (  or ) as appropriate.
2.    Incident Summary: State the accident/incident time as accurately as possible, and record the Team as Ealing Music Service.
3.    Incident Details: Please be as detailed as possible when providing information about the incident and how it occurred
4.    Witnesses: If there were any witnesses, please state here, including witness contact details where possible.

EMS Incident/Accident Report Form

IF YOU DON’T have access to the online portal, please click HERE to complete and submit the EMS Accident Report Form, or click this link:

This form will be forwarded to your line manager and the other members of the EMS Senior Leadership Team for their information and action as appropriate.

On receiving the report, your line manager or the head of service will:

  • Report the accident/incident to the council’s incident reporting portal.
  • Investigate and take action to resolve the accident/incident and minimise future risk, as appropriate.