This section of the EMS website is aimed at Teachers working for Ealing Music Service.

EMS Teaching Rules, Regulations, etc.

The teacher’s handbook – EMS201 Starting on the Right Note – details everything EMS teachers need to know about how the service runs and their obligations; including absence, pay, reports and safeguarding.

  • See Awards for information about the various award and grant schemes available to pupils to support their musical education.

  • See Charanga  for information about this exciting digital resource for instrumental and music curriculum teachers.
    If EMS teachers would like an account, please contact Samantha Spence.

  • See Ensembles for information about Cadenza and School based ensembles your pupils may be able to join.

  • See Exams for information about Board Exams and how to enter through EMS.

  • See Term Dates for information about Ealing term dates and holidays.

Online Lessons Production

The Online Lessons section contains resources and guidance on developing online lessons.


The Staff Resources section contains valuable teaching resources and other useful documents.

The following provides a checklist of information to be submitted by EMS teachers together with the dates where applicable.

Teaching Timetable Confirmation

EMS202 Timetable Confirmation Form.pdf

Teacher Availability Form

EMS204 Teacher Availability Form.xlsx

Registers and Lesson Plans

To be submitted on the last Friday of each term.

Pupil Progress Evaluations (Reports)

Small Group Tuition:

Spark! Teaching:

To be submitted by the last week of the summer half term

If school needs to inform EMS of a change of contact day or time, change of contact hours, school cancellation of provision or a teacher wishes to resign, the school must submit an EMS102 Change of Provision Request Form signed by the tutor and Head teacher before the last week of the half term prior to the change of provision, i.e., giving a half term plus one week notice.

See details of deadline dates please see the School Menu

Teacher pay is calculated using information contained on the EMS202 Timetable Confirmation Form

This form shows the hours/days/weeks taught for each teacher and should be received by the EMS office by the end of September each year.

The form must be signed by each school teachers attend as a confirmation that each school is aware of when each teacher will be attend each school.

It is each teacher’s responsibility to ensure this form is filled in and returned on time.

Use the following link to access iTrent:

Your username is your seven-digit employee number and password is “Lbe” followed by your date of birth expressed in the format DDMMYY

eg if your birthday is 15 June 1978, enter Lbe150678. Once signed into iTrent, select the ‘Payroll’, then ‘Payslips’.

If you experience any difficulty accessing iTrent, call the iTrent support team on 020 8825 9000 and then selecting Option 3 (HR Shared Services Centre), Option 2 (Non-schools Enquiries), then Option 4 (iTrent Support Team).

Further advice can be found in the EMS Teachers Handbook, EMS201 Starting on the Right Note

Any additional payments due for teaching or other activities not covered by an EMS202 Timetable Confirmation Form must be claimed using one of the following forms:

Non-teaching activity: EMS203 Non-teaching Claim Form

Additional/ad-hoc tuition (the school must countersign) : EMS103 Provision Request Form

A permanent change to a teacher’s weekly hours (the school must countersign) : EMS102 Change of Provision Request Form

These forms are processed by the EMS admin team on the first of each month.

Forms submitted after this will be progressed for payment on the following month.

The Peripatetic Teaching Risk Assessment Guide must be read and understood by all EMS teachers prior to teaching on behalf of EMS.

INSERT NEW LINK->> Peripatetic Teaching Risk Assessment.

The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is a healthcare charity giving medical advice to people working and studying in the performing arts. BAPAM help you overcome (and preferably avoid) work-related health problems, and we are dedicated to sharing knowledge about healthy practice.

Help Musicians UK is an independent UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. They help at times of crisis, but also at times of opportunity, giving people the extra support they need at a crucial stage that could make or break their career.

Teachers have a duty to ensure that pupils remain safe and protected from maltreatment whilst in their care.

All new members of staff will be required to sign and agree to adhere to this policy. This is a statutory requirement and no member of staff will be allowed to teach in Ealing schools before this document is signed. The current Child Protection Policy is EMS803-Child-Protection-Policy.pdf