EMS provisions delivered to Ealing Schools are invoiced on a termly basis through LB Ealing Corporate Collections.

For provision charges and key dates for provisions and billing, see School Menu

The school billing process has three steps:

Soon after the half term break, EMS issues a ‘School Billing Advice Note’ detailing provisions scheduled for delivery during that term, including:

  • Small Group & Individual tuition

  • WCET provision

  • Ensemble provision

  • School instrument Hire

  • Any chargeable CPD attended by school staff

  • Any ad hoc provision agreed to take place that term

Schools then have 2 weeks to review the ‘School Billing Advice Note’ and raise any queries they might have with EMS.

After this, the school is deemed to have accepted and the invoice is despatched for processing.

Once despatched for processing the invoice for the term cannot be amended.

If any subsequent amendments are required, a credit note will be raised to effect a refund or the additional charge(s) will be included in the following terms bill, as appropriate.

Invoices are issued by the Corporate Collections Department of the London Borough of Ealing on behalf of EMS.

The invoice does not include a breakdown of costs – schools should refer to the ‘School Billing Advice Note’ sent earlier.

Schools are requested to pay immediately. Late payments will be progressed by Corporate Collections