Music in Ealing – Unlocked!

“Music has, for many children and young people, been an outlet for expressing and working through the emotional impact of lockdown, and the subject has significant potential to support pupils as they return to school”

Ealing Music Service will not simply go back to the way things were prior to COVID-19 but seek to unlock the musical potential of every child and young person in Ealing. We will do this by providing the flexibility in the way schools access our programmes without concerns of going into deficit.

Peace of mind

We can provide online instrumental lessons using council issued iPads which will be monitored with lessons recorded and securely stored for 60 days for the purpose of quality control by our senior leadership team.

EMS Instrument and Voice (singing) tuition is also supported by supplemental Risk Assessments to promote pupil and teacher safety whilst COVID19 restrictions apply. These can be viewed and downloaded using the following links.

A blended approach

Our excellent team of teachers will be able to provide lessons face-to-face, online and even switch between the two, either because of any further school closures or as a result of a bubble lockdown.  Timetabling for online lessons may vary, if this is something you wish to consider, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Our programmes

Spark! (Whole-Class Ensemble Tuition – WCET)

This will continue to be provided for whole classes in key stage 2 and significantly subsidised by EMS – for details of school contributions for all EMS Services see the School Menu.

In accordance with government guidelines, there are factors to consider with regards to the group size, location of lesson and type of instrument taught. Brass and Woodwind instruments have specific considerations.

Small Group Instrumental Tuition

Our wide range of instruments will continue to be available – details on our website. In accordance with government guidelines there are factors to consider with regards to group size, location of lesson and type of instrument taught.

Choirs and Ensembles

Choirs and ensembles within schools are able to restart but extra-curricular activities are subject to the Out of School Settings (OOSS) guidelines, so are limited to 15 in a group, regardless of the mix of instruments or voices. More than one group may be in the same space. The OOSS guidelines stipulate 2m social distancing (at minimum) and good ventilation. The Music Mark provider guidelines include advice for all sorts of ensembles and choirs, based on the latest medical and scientific research.

Billing Procedure

Responses to our recent School’s Questionnaire indicated that half of schools would prefer for us to continue to bill schools for tuition (School Billing), the other half would like us to bill parents directly (Direct Billing). Accordingly, EMS is working towards introducing Direct Billing for the Spring term for those schools who wish to take up this option.

For details of EMS charges to schools and billing procedures please see School Menu and School Billing respectively

Should you wish to discuss any specific requirements that are not covered in this update, please do not hesitate to contact us on

My team and I look forward to working with you to unlock all opportunities for your children and young people to reach their full music potential.

Yogesh Dattani
Head of Ealing Music Partnership