Meet your Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Safeguarding at EMS

At Ealing Music Service (C/o Ealing Council) we take safeguarding children very seriously. 

All prospective staff are required to read, sign and return a copy of our Child Protection Policy even before they are offered an interview.  

During the interview, their knowledge about safeguarding children is tested to ensure that we are satisfied that they would know what to do if they had a concern about a child’s health and wellbeing.  

Successful candidates:  

Members of the public are able to report Accidents & Incidents, including any safeguarding through our website. 

All Ealing Music Service staff and members of the public have access to Ealing’s The Yellow Book, Ealing’s safeguarding children and young people guidance. This is an essential guide to Safeguarding. The Yellow Book is written for those working with children and young people in Ealing and covers the role of DSL; legislation and guidance and how to identify and report abuse. We encourage all of our staff to be familiar with its contents.