Complete the form to progress payment for goods and services supplied to EMS (we pay them) or by EMS (they pay us).

Please note that a separate R2P form is required for each project/payer/payee combination.

If the supplier/payee is unlisted and must be registered as a ‘new’ EMS supplier:

  • if supplier/payee is a company, verify they have provided the Company Name, not the Trading Name (the Company Name must be used)
  • Verify whether they have traded with Ealing previously as a Registered Supplier, and if so, record the Ealing Supplier Number in the ‘Notes’ section below.
  • If the supplier/payee is a charity, record the Charity Number in the ‘Notes’ section below.

Request Purchase or Payment

If the supplier or payee is a company this must be the Company Name not the Trading Name

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Associated Files

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