EMS provides tuition in most Ealing schools. If you would like for your child to receive instrumental tuition from EMS, please ask at your child’s school which instruments are available. Small group lessons may be 20 or 30 minutes and are generally for up to four pupils. EMS provides 10 lessons per term (30 per year), and lessons will take place during term time. Schools charge parents directly and devise their own cost levels. Please ask your school for more details.

Please note that as a school service, EMS only provides tuition through schools and through the EMS Ensembles Programme.

If you would like advice on engaging a music teacher to come to your home please see musicteachers.co.uk.

Opportunities for singing and instrument tuition for adults can also be found on the LB Ealing Website. For details see Adult Learning.

For general advice on choosing an instrument for your child, see Choose an Instrument

EMS also hires instruments at highly subsidised rates. For details see Instrument Hire

Pre-school Music

EMS does not cater for pre-school music but we’ve listed below some organisation in the area who do.

The list is offered for your information only. We welcome your feedback on these and others we have missed.

Pre-School Music Organisations:

Baby/Toddler friendly music events: