Broadening Horizons & Developing Talent

Ealing Music Service is the lead organisation of Ealing Music Partnership (the Music Education Hub for The London Borough of Ealing). The Ealing Music Partnership is supported by funding from Arts Council England, and this funding enables services to be provided to schools at subsidised rates.

EMS Mission

“Ealing Music Partnership will secure a rich musical legacy for all our children and young people maximizing the potential of every child through collaborative music making, rejuvenating professional learning to secure confidence in the workforce and accelerating progression pathways for our most talented young musicians.”

Five principles drive our work:

  • Discovery – We will support schools to enable all pupils discover the excitement of music through learning an instrument and singing allowing them to make informed decisions on ways in which they may realise their full potential.

  • Growing Talent – We will make Ealing an excellent place for young musicians to grow through opportunities that are of the highest quality, diverse and that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

  • Success Through Diversity – We will build on our diverse and exciting musical offer from a full complement of Western orchestral instruments to Music Technology and from Guitar to Gamelan to reflect our vibrant and diverse communities.

  • Value for Money – We will reach as many pupils as possible by continuing to provide one of the most affordable and increasing range of services of the highest quality in the UK.

  • A Musical Legacy – We will place professional development at the heart of music in Ealing by bringing together all teachers, musicians and organisations to draw on, develop and share best practice.