Now entering it’s 3rd year, we are pleased to announce the Alice Gross Memorial Songwriting Award is live and OPEN for nominations. As in previous years you will be able to hear the shortlisted songs online and comment on your favourite songs. The final decision however rests with our panel of esteemed judges. But who are they? Let’s Meet the Judges….

Gemma Cassandra Chambers, also known as Gemstone, is a British singer and songwriter based in London. She attended Malory Secondary School and was encouraged by her maths teacher to apply for BRIT School which she attended for 5 years.

An outstanding singer, songwriter, dancer and all round exceptional performance artist, Gemstone has for the last 2 years been singing with HTG Entertainment as a member of ‘The Soul Sisters’ and ‘The Soul Brothers’. She has performed worldwide in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean and has performed with artists including Babyface, Wyclef and many more. Check out Gemma & the Soul Sisters HERE.

Cliff BradleyCliff Bradley is a music composer, arranger and producer. He is prolific in the world of film music, both as a composer and an orchestrator, including the upcoming Daniel Radcliffe film, Escape from Pretoria. Cliff also recently arranged and recorded the backing track for the theme song for the 2020 Sing Up Day, which takes place on March 11th around the UK and internationally.

He is passionate about the art of song-writing and likes to encourage songwriters to explore, refine and push the boundaries of their creativity. This award is particularly meaningful to Cliff; having taught music in schools all over the borough of Ealing over a period of several years, he vividly remembers the heartbreaking event in 2014. It is an absolute honour and a privilege for him to have been involved with this award since its inception.

Ross Kenning is a drummer and guitarist who has played in bands for over 20 years, touring extensively, recording, writing and releasing original material with a backdrop of publishing, recording and management contracts.

In addition to teaching for two London Music Hubs and leading on the Music Technology provision in Ealing, he has worked as a sound engineer, session player and curated club nights.