Did you know that your school has a Schools Printed Music Licence, meaning that you can photocopy and arrange music for free?

Did you know that your school is required to report data on any printed music you are copying and arranging?

Did you know that by reporting your data, you help ensure that the right composers and songwriters get paid for their music?

Every Copy Counts is a brand new programme working with schools who are using printed music.

The Schools Printed Music Licence is a major advantage for schools. It enables teachers to copy and arrange music freely based on a set of straightforward terms and conditions, without any need for you to negotiate or fund the licence. The licence is granted automatically to schools in England by the Department for Education.

Any school copying or arranging printed music should submit information on what is being used, which will help ensure the right music creators are being paid.

In return for submitting data, teachers can access an exclusive set of resources created by teachers, for teachers, exploring composing and songwriting in the classroom, guidance on licensing and the music publishing industry, and a digital pack.

The Every Copy Counts team are here to help and support schools to understand printed music copyright, and hopefully, make teachers’ lives just a little bit easier!

What to do next: Visit www.everycopycounts.co.uk and sign up to the newsletter.

Make a note of music you are copying/arranging and submit data during our Annual Copycat Challenge week 20-24th June, where you can also win prizes for your school!

For further information please contact Abi D’Amore, Director on abigail@everycopycounts.co.uk @EveryCopyCounts www.everycopycounts.co.uk

Abigail D'Amore, Director (Every Copy Counts)