• WHAT: Ealing Music Service has joined forces with the English Chamber Orchestra, London Transport Museum and Revere Arts to enable years 5 & 6 pupils to explore stories of the LTM’s Caribbean Workforce through music and words. For further information click on Legacies: London Transport’s Caribbean Workforce

  • WHY: In 2023 we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Windrush Voyage. Together with the London Transport Museum, we will highlight the impact the Windrush generation had on LTM through the stories told in their exhibition. We will be creating a text about this journey which composer Richard Thompson will compose to.

  • WHEN: Summer 2023

  • HOW: Working together with composer Richard Thompson, pupils will have the opportunity to have their work performed live at the LTM’s theatre in Covent Garden!
    Primary schools can explore the issues surrounding this topic online by accessing the materials by clicking on Online Resources.

  • WHERE: Venue with dates of key activities.

  • WHO: This fantastic project is brought to you by Ealing Music Service, the English Chamber Orchestra and the London Transport Museum.

Richard Thompson’s Story

My parents came over to Britain before the Windrush trips started. My mother came over in 1946 and father settled in London, after playing the trumpet in bands for the allied troops during the war. They met in London.

I only found out about the Windrush in recent years. When I was growing up, nobody talked about it. I recently read some books that included accounts by West Indians about their early experiences in England. So, this project has a particular relevance for me. I can compare those written accounts to the stories my parents told me. I grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland, which was a different experience, compared to growing up in England.

I left the U.K in 1986, to go to Boston, to study jazz at Berklee School of Music. Britain is a lot more multicultural now compared to then. I am very excited about writing a piece that celebrates the West Indian experience and presence in the U.K. I am also particularly excited and honored to have the opportunity to write for the ECO.


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  • 2. How do you see this project having a lasting impact on the participants? (150 words)

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