Our long-awaited festival ‘EMStival‘ @ Gunnersbury Park will open its gates to Ealing Schools at 9 am on Friday 24th June 2022 to give children and staff an exciting cultural & musical experience!

The day will be an opportunity for pupils and staff to enjoy professional artists on the main stage in addition to giving opportunity to school groups to perform in front of thousands of people!

As well as enjoying interactive performances on the main stage, schools will get the opportunity to take part in musical workshops in giant marquees throughout the day.

A variety of food outlets will be available on the day, though bringing a packed lunch and ‘picnicking’ on the lawn whilst listening to the live music is also encouraged.

The park will be fenced off and monitored by a security company to create a safe environment to enjoy what proves to be an exciting school trip for Special, Infant, Primary & Secondary Schools!

In the evening, the arena will be opened up to the public and will include acts on the main stage including Ealing Youth Jazz Orchestra, Dodgy and Ealing Youth Orchestra.

Lee Marchant, Deputy Head (Ealing Music Service)