EMS Online

When the COVID19 closedown commenced in March 2019, EMS began planning for the remote delivery of instrument and tuition lessons. Following guidance from an advisory group of Ealing schools headteachers, this was to take the form of pre-recorded lessons and allied materials delivered through the EMS website. Looking forward to the new school year commencing in September 2020, EMS is now able to offer interactive lessons online using Zoom where appropriate. Naturally we hope that this will not be necessary and teaching will resume in schools in September. For further advice on this please see Music in Ealing Unlocked.

The notes below describe the EMS Online service developed by EMS to support the delivery of weekly lesson programmes  using pre-recorded material. Each lesson features a series of videos presented by the children’s regular EMS teacher, plus other resources including how-to guides, music and backing tracks to support their learning. To- date more than 3,000 videos and other resources have been published across 107 different teaching programmes, so there is a wealth of material available to enjoy, in addition to the host of other online music resources available through the EMS website at Online Resources.

EMS Online lessons for Curriculum MusicSpark! – the EMS whole class ensemble tuition programme for KS2 is organised through your school, so please contact your school for access details.

Families with children receiving Individual and Small Group Instrumental and Voice Tuition from EMS teachers can access the their EMS Online programme by visiting Register for EMS Online. Access is free for the summer term and the resources will remain online through the summer holidays, so there is plenty of time to take part. A full 10 week programme of lessons will be available for Spark!, and 3-4 weeks of lessons depending on the programme for Individual and Small Group Tuition.

Please note that all of these materials have been prepared by EMS teachers for classes and children they teach on a weekly basis to provide continuity of teaching from the lessons delivered at the schools, and so access is limited to children currently taught by EMS teachers. 

The EMS Online page for each programme consists of two simple tables; on the left a list of the weekly lesson resources to play through , and on the right a list of supporting resources – how-to guides, music, backing tracks, etc. – which the teachers refer to in their video lessons. Use the search box to find your lessons (Week 1, etc.) or materials for an individual song or activity. All of the materials are pre-recorded and there is no video links, online chat, etc. between pupils and/or the teacher.

Some EMS Online sample videos are shown below, click to play.  We hope you will enjoy your EMS Online experience!

EMS Online – Page Example

EMS Online – Resource Example