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SGTAll SchoolsSinging AssemblyMs Fortey500S3JJAS3


Table OrderIDWeekResourcePlay
1.04301500S3JJAS3WK07N&R - Lenny the LeopardVideo
1.04302500S3JJAS3WK07N&R - Lavenders BlueVideo
1.04303500S3JJAS3WK07N&R - Space (NewVideo
1.04304500S3JJAS3WK07Y1-6 - Peter Piper - Warm UpVideo
1.04305500S3JJAS3WK07Y1-2 - Nervous WreckVideo
1.04306500S3JJAS3WK07Y1-2 - Gypsy RoverVideo
1.04307500S3JJAS3WK07Times Like These - LearnVideo
1.04308500S3JJAS3WK07Times Like These - PerformVideo
2.04293500S3JJAS3WK06N&R - Five Little Men (Part 2)Video
2.04294500S3JJAS3WK06N&R - My Ship Sailed From ChinVideo
2.04295500S3JJAS3WK066.3 N&R - Moon River (Part 2Video
2.04296500S3JJAS3WK06Y1-6 - 121 Warm UpVideo
2.04297500S3JJAS3WK06Y1-2 - Tue TueVideo
2.04298500S3JJAS3WK06Y1-2 - Apusski Dusky (Canon)Video
2.04299500S3JJAS3WK06Y3-6 - Earth, Sea & Sky (New)Video
2.043500S3JJAS3WK06Y3-6 - Wild Mountain Thyme (NewVideo
3.04285500S3JJAS3WK05Nursery & Reception - Alice the Camel Pt 2Video
3.04286500S3JJAS3WK05Nursery & Reception - Umbrella ManVideo
3.04287500S3JJAS3WK05Nursery & Reception - Moon River Pt 1Video
3.04288500S3JJAS3WK05Y1 - 6 Tip of the Tongue (New)Video
3.04289500S3JJAS3WK05Y1 - 2 - Whales (Swimming Free) Pt 1Video
3.0429500S3JJAS3WK05Y1-2 - Whales (Swimming Free) Pt 2Video
3.04291500S3JJAS3WK05Y3-6 - Daybreak Pt 2 - Learn RedVideo
3.04292500S3JJAS3WK05Y3-6 - Daybreak - Both PartsVideo
4.04277500S3JJAS3WK04Nursery and Reception - Down In The Jungle (Part 1Video
4.04278500S3JJAS3WK04Nursey and Reception - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little StarVideo
4.04279500S3JJAS3WK04Nursery and Reception - Saw A Ship A-SailingVideo
4.0428500S3JJAS3WK04Y1-6 - Ghost Of JohnVideo
4.04281500S3JJAS3WK04Y1-2 - Magic Penny (Part 2Video
4.04282500S3JJAS3WK04Y1-2 - Doe A Deer (Part 2Video
4.04283500S3JJAS3WK04Y3-6 - BabethandazaVideo
4.04284500S3JJAS3WK04Y3-6 - Daybreak (Part 1) Learn BlueVideo
5.04269500S3JJAS3WK03Nursery and Reception - 1 - Warm-UpVideo
5.0427500S3JJAS3WK03Nursery and Reception - 2Video
5.04271500S3JJAS3WK03Nursery and Reception - 3Video
5.04272500S3JJAS3WK03Y1-6 - 1 - warm-upVideo
5.04273500S3JJAS3WK03Y1-2 - 2Video
5.04274500S3JJAS3WK03Y1-2 - 3Video
5.04275500S3JJAS3WK03Y3-6 - 2Video
5.04276500S3JJAS3WK03Y3-6 - 3 -ChallengeVideo
6.04258500S3JJAS3WK02Nursery and Reception - 1Video
6.04259500S3JJAS3WK02Nursery and Reception - 2Video
6.0426500S3JJAS3WK02Nursery and Reception - 3Video
6.04261500S3JJAS3WK02Y1-6 - 1Video
6.04262500S3JJAS3WK02Y1-6 - 2Video
6.04263500S3JJAS3WK02Y1-2 - 1Video
6.04264500S3JJAS3WK02Y1-2 - 20s medley - blueVideo
6.04265500S3JJAS3WK02Y1-2 - 20s medley - RedVideo
6.04266500S3JJAS3WK02Y3-6 - 1Video
6.04267500S3JJAS3WK02Y3-6 - Blue PartVideo
6.04268500S3JJAS3WK02Y3-6 - Red PartVideo
7.04249500S3JJAS3WK01Hello from Ms Fortey (watch this first)Video
7.0425500S3JJAS3WK01Nursery and Reception - 1 - Alice the CamelVideo
7.04251500S3JJAS3WK01Nursery and Reception - 2 - Over In the MeadowVideo
7.04252500S3JJAS3WK01Nursery and Reception - 3 - Apusski DuskyVideo
7.04253500S3JJAS3WK01Y1-6 - Warm- Up - Lenny the LeopardVideo
7.04254500S3JJAS3WK01Y1-2 - 1 - Be CoolVideo
7.04255500S3JJAS3WK01Y1-2 - 2 - VE Day MedleyVideo
7.04256500S3JJAS3WK01Y3-6 - 1 - I Am the EarthVideo
7.04257500S3JJAS3WK01Y3-6 - 2 - Freedom is Coming (New)Video


Table OrderIDWeekResourcePlay
0500S3JJAS3Welcome to EMS Online for Small GroupsPDF

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