On behalf of the Department for Education, Arts Council England has this week announced a new generation of Music Hubs, covering every part of England: Arts Council England announces new Music Hub Lead Organisations

I am delighted to confirm that our application as part of the London West Music Hub has been successful and, therefore, Ealing Music Service will be part of a consortium of 5 music services covering 7 local authority areas: Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster.

A press release from the new London West Music Hub (LWMH) is available here: LWMH Press Release.pdf

  • This is part of the wider, national, reorganisation of music hub geographies by Arts Council England and DfE, for which consultation first commenced in 2022.
  • The new Music Hubs form an ambitious national programme providing high-quality music education for all children and young people through investment in musical activities, equipment and teacher training.
  • Each new Hub will be led by a Hub Lead Organisation (HLO); the HLO for LWMH is the Kensington & Chelsea.
  • The LWMH is creating a Local Music Development Plan with the overall aim to level up musical education, opportunities and activities across our respective areas and to support schools with their own musical development.

What will this mean for Ealing?

  • We are positive about this development.  In the short term there will be no significant changes to the way in which we operate in Ealing, and each music service will retain autonomy and responsibility for its local authority area.
  • The new Music Hubs will work in partnership with schools, colleges, universities, cultural organisations, local authorities and other educational, creative and community organisations to deliver a broad range of musical activities which are inclusive to pupils from all backgrounds, as well as access to teachers working with a wider variety of instruments, supported by a more connected music education workforce.  In the longer term this more expansive way of working should benefit all our children and young people both in Ealing and the LWMH area. We will deliver more opportunities for children and young people in Ealing through partnership working.
  • Nationally, the new Hubs also have plans to work with world class organisations including Glyndebourne Festival Opera, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and BBC Proms to give children and young people more opportunities to benefit from connections with England’s thriving music industry.
  • The new Music Hubs will continue to focus on the delivery of the Government’s National Plan for Music Education.  This plan aims to give all children and young people the opportunity to develop their musical talents fully, by ensuring that children and young people across the country have the chance to learn to sing, play instruments, and make music with their peers. The new Hubs will also help to deliver the Arts Council’s 2020-30 year strategy, Let’s Create, which aims to improve access to creativity and culture for all children, no matter what their background or where they live.

Yogesh Dattani, Head of Service (Ealing Music Service)