The new EMS ‘Exam Entry’ service organised by   EMS Business Manager, Rita Judge, has been a   great success since its launch in the Summer term. The service simplifies exam entry and provides accompanists where needed. We’re delighted to report a 100% pass rate – congratulations to all the pupils and their teachers!

ABRSM have published their schedule for 2020 (see below). The schedule for Trinity College will be published in January however the ABRSM schedule provides a useful guide. The ABRSM exams are held in the Church Hall, Ealing Green, Ealing, W5 5QT. For more details see

Term Entry Deadline Exam Week
Spring Term 25th January 2020 9th March 2020
Summer Term 9th May 2020 15th June 2020
Autumn Term 3rd October 2020 16th November 2020