Alice Gross was a promising musician and song writer who attended Brentside High School and tragically lost her life in September 2014. She has been described as a loving, loyal and quirky girl, with a lively sense of comedy and a compassionate nature. She was a keen musician, who wrote and sang her own songs, played the violin and piano and was learning the guitar. Alice hoped, one day, to have a career in music.

The Alice Gross Memorial Song Writing Award is to honour her memory and the love she had in music making and in song writing in particular. It is an opportunity for other young people to share their music and gain recognition and support in reaching a musical goal.

Last years’ winner, Elise McQueen from Elthorne Park High, won the award for her song ‘Mortal Souls’ which was written to depict how fragile human life is following the death of Christina Grimmie, a 22-year old singer fatally shot at one of her concerts. ‘I wanted to show in my song that despite people being taken away from us, they will always be here; as they are remembered and cherished by the people who care for them’ To read the press release, click HERE.