World Music Festival 2017 launched

Applications are now open for the 2017 World Music Festival in March. EMS has been organising the ‘World Music Festival’ (WMF) for the last 18 years and it has always been a great success among schools. Originally a way of introducing new and different kinds of music, it has now become a way of encouraging exciting musical activities and keeping music live in schools!

WMF 2015The WMF will run from 20th – 31st March 2017 and cost £75 per school visit. In an improvement for 2017, schools will be able to physically book their workshop by completing the online booking form.

There are a total of 7 different workshops on offer, spanning a large variety of sounds and styles from around the world. Visit WMF to view details of the workshops on offer and to book online.

DEADLINE: Friday 3rd March 2017.

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