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Applications are now open for the 2017 World Music Festival in March. EMS has been organising the ‘World Music Festival’ (WMF) for the last 18 years and it has always been a great success among schools. Originally a way of introducing new and different kinds of music, it has now become a way of encouraging exciting musical activities and keeping music live in schools! The WMF will run from 20th – 31st March 2017 and cost £75 per school visit for the first booking and £500 for subsequent bookings. Book your WMF workshop now, by completing the online booking formDEADLINE: Friday 3rd March 2017.

There are a total of 7 different workshops on offer, spanning a large variety of sounds and styles from around the world. All workshops on offer are listed below:

Brazilian Samba: Take your class to explore the soul of Brazil and experience the Rio Carnival!  There is nothing as powerful as the beat of a Surdo – you’ll find it impossible to stop your feet tapping to the Brazilian rhythms. Feel the beat and get their groove on using our own brand of LTL Drums, which are custom designed specifically for use in education and workshops. Fill your establishment with Loud, Lively and Energetic South American Music. Samba is an excellent introduction to world music.

Japanese TaikoTaiko are powerful and energetic drums. Taiko drumming can be traced back to the 6th century. The size of these enormous drums and their distinctive low-end boom makes them a fun instrument to play. After warm ups and stretches, participants will learn a series of authentic patterns along with useful Japanese words to allow them to become fully embraced in the Japanese Culture and the power of Taiko drums.

Hawaiian Ukulele: Ukulele workshops are a fantastic introduction to stringed instruments. Ukulele workshops allow participants to experience playing a variety of chords and songs to create excellent entertaining mash-ups of modern pop, rock and ballad songs. The unique ‘Louder Than Life’ colour system enables all participants, regardless of age or ability, to fully take part and enjoy a pacific style workshop.

LTL - Steelpan Sold OutSteelpans: Steelpans are a chromatically pitched percussion instrument.Played like a drum using sticks, steelpans produce ringing bell like tones to bring a carnival feel to your workshop. Bring a unique sound to popular tracks and experience music in a new way. The unique ‘Louder Than Life’ colour system enables all participants, regardless of age or ability, to fully take part and enjoy the steeelpans workshop.

Junk Percussion: Ever wonder what 15 wheelie bins sound like? Junk Percussion workshops use everyday household objects to create a real piece of Junk Music. Junk workshops use the same principles of rhythm, time keeping and team work but with a new sound. Using a range of items from camping cups, buckets, broom sticks, bins, brushes and frying pans – we ensure a loud and interactive experience that can be included as part of a science or recycling project.

Bamboo Tamboo: Featuring our own range of ‘Bamboo Tamboo’ instruments, specifically designed for educational use. Our Workshops are fun, educational, have many cross curricular links, are highly participative, fast paced and cover an amazing amount of material in a relatively short time! We have age specific content for all our workshops and can run multiple workshops throughout the day. There is also the option to have performance assembly at the end of the day.

Human Beatbox: You don’t need any musical knowledge to be able to take part, just a willingness to participate! By taking part in something a bit different and unusual it’s easy to listen, stay focused throughout the sessions, and build self-confidence. Each workshop session has an easy to follow step by step structure keeping everyone involved engaged and the activities involved are fun and enjoyable. Beatboxing can be used in ways to help the development of new vocal skills and techniques, working within groups and musical understanding, all without being able to play any instruments beforehand or having any musical knowledge!

Your booking will give you 2 hours with the act. After receiving booking confirmation, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your booking with the act to finalise timings and what exactly you’re hoping to get out of the session.

Only a limited number of schools can be accommodated, so the sooner you apply, the better your chances of being allocated a session. Apply NOW!

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  • COST: The actual cost of these workshops is in excess of £10,000. EMS however are offering this fantastic opportunity to schools for only £75.
  • BOOKING: Workshops are allocated on a 1st come 1st served basis, ensuring that each school gets a workshop. If you wish to book additional workshop(s), these will be charged at the full price of £500 each.
  • SESSION: You will have the act for approximately 2 hours, but this can be broken up into multiple sessions to accommodate more pupils if necessary. The act will liaise with you directly to discuss this.
  • CANCELLATION FEE: If after booking your workshop you choose to cancel, there will be a charge of £300. If however we are able to reschedule your session (pending availability), there will be no additional charge.
  • EVALUATION: Feedback is crucial to help us assess the usefulness of these workshops, so you will be asked to fill in a short evaluation form after receiving the workshop.
  • Suggested times for the workshops are approximate. Slight adjustments can be made to suit your school.
  • Practitioners will not necessarily have been CRB checked and we therefore advise you take this into account.
  • A suitable place to carry out the workshop(s) will need to be provided-the school and act will need to liaise prior to the event to arrange this.

By submitting an application you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to these terms & conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact Roger at

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