The Improvise Approach by Carrie Lennard

The Improvised Approach is aimed specifically at students with profound and complex disabilities.

What is it?

The Improvise Approach(TM) provides creative music-making opportunities for people with special needs to play on their own and in a group.

It’s designed for non-music specialists to run solo and group music sessions using iPads and ThumbJam – an easy-to-play music app (IOS).

Your students’ playing is landscaped with 10 specially composed backing tracks (included).

The Improvise ApproachInclusive

Easy to set up and simple to use – it appeals to a wide age and ability range and has been trialled for over 5 years in diverse special needs settings.


Whichever notes you touch, you are in tune with the 10 backing tracks. The slightest touch or movement on the iPad is all that’s needed to join in and make musical sounds (and not necessarily with the hands – any part of the body can be used to control playing).

For further information, video and sound bytes go to


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