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This section of the EMS website is aimed at Teachers working for Ealing Music Service.

EMS Teaching Rules, Regulations, etc.

The teacher’s hand book – Starting on the Right Note – details everything EMS teachers need to know about how the service runs and their obligations; including absence, pay, reports and safeguarding.

Submission Checklist

The following provides a checklist of all information / data that EMS requires teachers to submit by certain dates. The EMS Leadership Team will monitor, and report to the head of service, the submission of this information / data on a termly basis.

  • Tutor Timetable Confirmation (EMS202 pdfFriday 28 September 2018
  • Registers & Planning Document (see downloads below) (termly in arrears) Last Friday of each term. Use this form to upload your registers and planning documents.
      • Downloads at bottom of this page
  • Pupil Progress Evaluations (reports):
    • Submission of LBE Declaration of Interest Form (every May) – Accessed using iTrent (see below)

    Term Dates

    Change or Cancellation of Contact Hours

    If a teacher or school need to inform EMS of change of contact day or time, change of contact hours, School cancellation of provision or a teacher wishes to resign, the following deadlines apply:
    Tutors and schools must submit EMS102 ‘Change of Provision Request’ form which must be signed by tutor and Head teacher, before the last week of the half term before the change of provision, giving a half term’s notice:

    Date of Change –
    (start of)
    Deadline for receipt of EMS102 Change of Provision Request (signed by Head teacher & EMS Tutor)
    Autumn 2018 21 May 2018
    Spring 2019 22 October 2018
    Summer 2019 11 February 2019
    Autumn 2019 20 May 2019
    Spring 2020 14 October 2019
    Summer 2020  10 February 2020


    Change of teaching day (starting January 2018 Deadline for notification: 16 October 2017

    Cancellation of provision (effective Summer 2018) Deadline for notification: 5 February 2018

    Tutor resignation (not returning in Autumn 2018) Deadline for notification: 21 May 2018

    Tutor Finances

    Teacher pay is calculated using information received on form EMS202 (Timetable Confirmation). This form shows the hours/days/weeks taught for each teacher and should be received by the EMS office by the end of September each year. The form must be signed by each school teachers attend as a confirmation that each school is aware of when each teacher will be attend each school. It is each teacher’s responsibility to ensure this form is filled in and returned on time.

    Access to iTrent

    Use the following link to access “iTrent“:

    Your username is your seven digit employee number and password is “Lbe” followed by your date of birth expressed in the format DDMMYY eg if your birthday is 15 June 1978, please enter Lbe150678
    Click on the ‘Payroll’ tab and then ‘Payslips’.

    If you experience any difficulty you may contact the iTrent Support Team by dialing 020 8825 9000 and then selecting options 3 (HR Shared Services Centre), 2 (Non-schools Enquiries) and then 4 (iTrent Support Team) who will be happy to give you support over the phone.

    Further instructions can be found in Paragraph 9.3 of Starting on the Right Note.

    Payroll Deadlines

    Any extra payments, in addition to teacher’s weekly pay, must be claimed for on one of the following forms:

    EMS203e for non-teaching activity

    EMS103e – for ad-hoc extra teaching (School must sign)

    EMS102e – for a permanent change to a teacher’s weekly hours (School must sign)

    The above forms will be processed via payroll on the first of each month

    Teaching Risk Assessment

    The following Peripatetic Teaching Risk Assessment should be read and understood by all EMS teachers prior to teaching on behalf of EMS:

    Peripatetic Teaching Risk Assessment

    Support for Working Musicians

    The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) is a healthcare charity giving medical advice to people working and studying in the performing arts. BAPAM help you overcome (and preferably avoid) work-related health problems, and we are dedicated to sharing knowledge about healthy practice. Find out more here:

    Help Musicians UK is an independent UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. They help at times of crisis, but also at times of opportunity, giving people the extra support they need at a crucial stage that could make or break their career. Find out more here:

    It is also worth contacting the MU or ISM if you are a member as they may also be able to offer some valuable advice and support in times of crisis.

    Noise – Don’t risk your hearing

    Teaching music in any context can be a noisy business. For more information on how to minimise exposure to high levels of noise, try these very useful websites:


    Please go to our Ensembles section for more information about ensembles your pupils may be able to join.


    Please go to our Exams section for more information

    Awards & Scholarships

    Please go to our Awards section for more information

    Charanga Musical School programme

    Charanga is a modern, exciting, digital resource for instrumental and music curriculum teachers. To see more, click here.
    If EMS teachers would like an account, please contact Sam Spence.

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    All EMS teachers are expected to attend Teacher Training (TT) every term.

    Please go to our CPD section for more information on teacher training opportunities


    EMS201: Starting on the Right Note

    EMS202: Timetable Confirmation (PDF)

    Instructions for completing EMS202

    EMS203: Non-Teaching Claim Form

    EMS204: Tutor Availability

    EMS205: Small group pupil register – pdf EMS205 word EMS205

    EMS206; Spark! pupil register – pdf EMS206 word EMS206

    EMS207: Ensemble Register – pdf EMS207 word EMS207

    Planning & Recordng: EMS208, EMS208b, EMS209, EMS209a EMS210 – zipped PDF&word EMS208/8b/9/9a/10

    EMS221: Staff Exit Questionnaire

    EMS222: Tutor Leaving Form

    Ealing Designated Teachers for Child Protection

    Ealing Schools Contact list LINK to EGfL

    EMS405: Instrument Repair Slip

    Spark! Whole Class Report Template ( click here for an example)

    Report Entry Form 2019 (Excel)

    EMS701 EMS Contact Details – Ideal to pin on a wall!

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