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A complete guide to Ealing Music Service provision available in schools can be found in the EMS101 – Service Level Agreement.
Our At-a-Glance Menu gives a quick overview of EMS provision for busy school leaders.

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Services to Schools 2019-20

For information regarding our offer to schools for 2019-20, click here.

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET) – SPARK!

Ealing Music Service offer Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (formally known as Wider Opportunities) on the following instruments in Schools:

Strings Tabla Drumming Guitar
Woodwind African Drumming Ukulele
Brass Taiko Drumming Recorder

Lee, our Assistant Head of Service would love to hear from schools who would like to increase or initiate a First Access programme in their school. Contact Lee now!

As with all of the EMS provision, Spark! programmes role on an annual contract. There is no need for schools to sign up each year. Any cancellations or changes must be advised by Friday 5th April 2019 for Spark! 2019-20 provision, through filling in an EMS102e form HERE. 

Small group and individual tuition

Ealing Music Service offer small group tuition on the following instruments in Schools:

Violin Viola Cello
Double Bass Flute Oboe
Clarinet Bassoon French Horn
Trumpet Cornet Trombone
Tuba Piano Keyboard
Guitar Singing African Drums
Tabla Sitar Taiko Drums

Our Assistant Heads of Service would love to hear from schools who would like to increase or initiate small group tuition in their school. Please complete form EMS103 “New & Ad Hoc Provision Request” and return it to or online with EMS103e


Deadlines for change of provision

If schools wish to change the provision provided by EMS, they must fill in EMS102 “Change of Provision Form” or online EMS102e. This must be received by EMS by the following deadlines (as prescribed in the Service Level Agreement.

NB: Please note that the Spark! 2019-20 (Autumn 2019) cancellation date is 05 April 2019

Date of Change –
(start of)
Deadline for receipt of EMS102 Change of Provision Request (signed by Head teacher & EMS Tutor)
Spring 2019 22 October 2018
Summer 2019 11 February 2019
Autumn 2019 20 May 2019
Spring 2020 14 October 2019
Summer 2020 10 February 2020
Autumn 2020 18 May 2020

Instrument Hire

Schools may hire a class set of instruments. The cost is set out in EMS105 (EMS Charges to schools).

Pupils/parent hire instrument directly from EMS.

For more details on instrument hire click here or for specific questions please contact 

Charanga Musical School programme

Charanga is a modern, exciting, digital resource for instrumental and music curriculum teachers The price is just £150.00 per year — the Musical School programme normally costs £195.00, but EMS are subsidising the cost as part of our support for all Ealing primary schools.

Alternatively, become an EMS Member School and get Charanga for free – See Membership
To place an order for the Charanga Musical School programme just click this link to the pricing and ordering page:
Enter the name of your school in the box then click confirm school. You will then have 2 options: select Order Now to place an order immediately. Once you’ve done that it will ask for a couple of very brief details which when you press the green button at the bottom, will instantly issue your school with its licence and a user name and password. You can then set up as many colleagues with user names and passwords as need them.
Schools will be billed on a termly basis through the EMS School Billing Advice Invoice.

Arts Council Data Return

In order for Arts Council England to continue funding music activities in the London Borough of Ealing through the Ealing Music Partnership, schools are requested to return data regarding: Music Ensembles, Whole Class Tuition, Music Technology and Music Levels. This information is gathered through one of the following forms or via a visit from a member of the EMS Senior Leadership Team. Returns this year are due by 1 Sept. 2017

ACE Music Data Return – Ealing Schools 2016-17 – online form


Please go to our Ensembles section for more information about ensembles your pupils may be able to join.

Music curriculum & religion

Some schools may find parents are unsure whether music lessons are suitable for some religions. Advice has been published from the following sources: – Some good advice about music on page 52

Ealing Grid for Learning


Please go to our Exams section for more information

Awards & Scholarships

Please go to our Awards section for more information


Please go to our CPD section for more information on teacher training opportunities

Safeguarding & Child Protection

More information on Safeguarding & Child Protection can be found here.

Copyright and Schools

Copyright and Schools is a working group of representatives from the licensing bodies that provide licences for the use of copyright material in the UK schools sector. The group aims to manage the issues that surround copyright in schools through raising awareness, providing information and increasing the two-way understanding of the concerns of both rights-holders and the schools that benefit from using their work.

The Copyright and Schools website is an information resource to help schools navigate copyright licensing and understand how copyright material can be used legally within a school — providing accessible, relevant and up to date information to support the curricular and extracurricular use of copyright content.

Blanket Licensing is a system that allows licensees to use copyright works from an extensive repertoire, under the terms of the relevant Licence – rather than having to request permission from the rights holder every time a work is use



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