Samba Group at LCM

LCM Junior College have recently been awarded some funding from the Ealing Music and Film Festival to enable 10 students to take part in a new Samba Ensemble. They are looking to offer these places to young people who are from low economic backgrounds and wouldn’t therefore necessarily have the financial status to take part in such a group outside of school.

“Inspired by the Samba schools and Blocos of Rio de Janeiro, Junior Samba School is an exciting opportunity for students to come together socially to create Brazilian carnival music. No experience is necessary, only a good spirit of getting stuck in!”

The samba group takes place every Saturday during term time from 10.30am-11.30am and the start date would be Saturday 14th January 2017.

This offer is open to any student who could benefit from this opportunity who are of KS2 or KS3 age. Parents can either email their interest to or call Carole Welch on 02082312168.

LCM Junior College

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