Prince Charles Visits Southall

His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales made a visit to Featherstone’s local church, St Johns, on the 10th of February, to view community projects and see how community cohesion is flourishing in Southall. He was welcomed to the Church by a group of Dhol drummers from Featherstone High School and students waving colourful flags.

Rev Mark Poulson (secretary for inter-religious affairs for the Archbishop of Canterbury) said that the Prince of Wales heard about “a community that is resilient, which is flourishing and a community that wants to build for its young people. Our schools reflect that [diversity] but are excellent and are places where we encourage people to talk openly about faith.”

There were seven soloists from Featherstone playing the piano, violin, flute and saxophone playing music whilst the Prince of Wales talked to different members of the community present at the event.

Before he left, the Prince of Wales was treated to a rendition of “What a Wonderful World” by the combined choirs of Dairy Meadow Primary School and Featherstone High School, led by Ms Eastmond the Head of Music at Featherstone High School.

Some of the students involved said: ‘It was really fun to meet the Prince of Wales’ (Jakatarina Zeddam); ‘It was amazing experience and great day for the school’ (Omeg Antao); and ‘He is the most famous person I have ever met!’ (Davina Pandit).

A truly memorable day for all involved.

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