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We believe that parents can be a very important part of a child’s musical learning. The support and encouragement that a pupil receives from their parent or carer makes a huge difference and we are here to help…


EMS provides tuition in most Ealing schools. If you would like for your child to receive instrumental tuition from EMS, please ask at your child’s school which instruments are available. Small group lessons may be 20 or 30 minutes and are generally for up to four pupils. EMS provides 10 lessons per term (30 per year), and lessons will take place during term time. Schools charge parents directly and devise their own cost levels. Please ask your school for more details.

As a school service, EMS do not deliver music tuition outside of schools, except for leading various Ensembles. If you would like to engage a music teacher to come to your home or would like to learn as an adult, a good website to try is: Alternatively, adults can go to the adult learning part of the Ealing Borough website.

EMS are here to help when it comes to choosing which musical instrument a child might like to play. Visit our “Choose an Instrument” page

Pre-school Music

You are never too young to start learning and appreciating music. To help you find some music for your little one, we’ve done some searching for you here


Hiring an instrument from EMS

It is possible to hire most instruments from EMS at vastly reduced prices. Please go to our Instrument Hire section for more information 

Purchasing an instrument

Parents may wish to purchase an instrument for their child. More details can be found at our Instrument Purchase page


Please go to our Ensembles section for more information about ensembles your child may be able to join.


Please go to our Exams section for more information

Awards & Scholarships

Please go to our Awards section for more information

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Please go to the Safeguarding & Child Protection section for more information


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