Free Cross-Arts Projects for Schools at Barbican Centre this October

The BA Performance and Creative Enterprise course trains musicians, theatre makers and spoken word artists as performers and facilitators. In the autumn term, our second year students will deliver projects that they have designed in consultation with the creative learning team and are looking for schools to fill the following projects.

Finding Your Voice


Art form: Music, movement, drama, voice skills

Ideal age group: 14 – 16 year olds, but can be altered in collaboration with the school for younger age groups.

Ideal number of sessions: Four sessions lasting between 1 hour – 2 hours

Finding Your Voice is a series of (ideally) four cross art form workshops, taking place on a weekly basis and lasting for between an hour a half to two hours. These sessions offer an introduction to using a range of art forms as tool for self-expression and exploring creative voice. These sessions have been primarily designed with 14-16 year olds in mind but can be pitched for younger.

This project has been designed particularly for groups of students who may struggle within the mainstream education system whether for reasons of language, attainment or personal reasons, but the model can be adapted for all students.

By the end of the project we hope that students will have had at least one experience of their own creativity, develop confidence in self-expression and connect to different parts of themselves.

Each workshop explores a different tool for creative expression – writing, music, visual art and movement and works a self-contained workshop or as part of a series.

The workshops will follow the Jam/Create/Share model:

Jam: Warm up, check in, play and experiment

Create: Moving from the raw material generated in the jam session into more focused work.

Share: A safe space for those who want to, to share their work in process in a safe and supportive space.

Creative approaches to revision


Art form: Drama games, creative writing, practical approaches to revision

Ideal age group: 14 – 16 year olds (GCSE) but can be altered for year 9.

Ideal number of sessions: 4 – 6 weekly sessions of either 45 minutes to 1.5 hour.

Three students will be supported by Globe Education practitioner to facilitate a series of creative workshops aimed at providing participants with creative and practical ways to approach their English literature GCSE.

The group are flexible as to the length of each session; however suggest that sessions could last between 45 minutes to 1.5 for a maximum of 30 students. Depending on the school’s needs these could be held during PSHE, form time, or after school.

This project has been designed in response to surveying year 10 and 11 students regarding their GCSE syllabus and exams. Key feedback focused on the need of techniques to help memorise quotes, contextualise Shakespeare and the importance of being able to compare and contrast sources.

These highly practical sessions are aimed at different kinds of learners of all levels and will use memory games, practical approaches on how to contemporaries Shakespeare and textual comparison.

Whilst designed to complement the English curriculum – these sessions will look more generally at how to make revision more active.

Mindfulness and Transition project


Art form: Mindfulness, Concentration and relaxation through visual arts, music and drama games

Ideal age group: Year 6 or 7

Ideal number of sessions: 4-5 sessions but could be shorter or longer according to Schools needs and interest levels

A project designed for young people aged between 10-12 years to develop key mindfulness skills through creative activities. This project has been designed in particular to use art and mindfulness approaches to positively channel transitional feelings that young people may have towards their final year of primary school and/or starting secondary school. This project would be delivered by three experienced student facilitators and a creative learning practitioner from the Barbican Centre and Guildhall School.

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