Encore ’18 – Secondary Music Competition

ENCORE (now in its 2nd year) is a Secondary Music Competition like no other – this is an opportunity to show off your school’s musical ability as well as the chance to be original and pull off a performance that could earn your school music department up to £500 CASH!

Greenford HallWHEN?
The event will be held at Greenford Hall on the 28th February 2018 @ 7pm 
– Tickets will be available for the 500 seater auditorium showcase for friends and family to come and support. The concert will also be streamed LIVE, so the whole school can be supporting from home!


  • Each school must present 2 contrasting pieces (in any genre) which may be instrumental, vocal or a mixture of both.
  • There MUST be a minimum of 4 performers in each piece.
  • Only one of the two pieces may use electronic instruments, 1 piece MUST be acoustic.
  • All performance must use live music – no backing tracks! *(unless they are mixed live).
  • Students MAY take part in both items – but not fulfilling the same musical function in both.
  • Total performance time per piece must not exceed 10 mins. (any school to go over this will be disqualified).


* The competition will be adjudicated by 3 judges who will be looking at the overall performance, as well as quality, originality and entertainment value.Trophy & Money
* Judges will award the ENCORE cup with a CASH PRIZE of £500 for the best overall school, and also give the following prizes that CANNOT be the won by the same school that wins the cup:
* £150 prize for Best Electronic Piece.
* £150 for Best Acoustic Piece.
* £150 for Most Original Arrangement.

The head judge will give short adjudication and announce the winners LIVE on the night.



  • Each school will have time to rehearse on the day at the venue (times will be given once all entries are received).
  • There will be a projector that can display anything the schools wish during their performance – this will need to be sent in advance of the day.
  • Each school must have their own stage manager and stage hands (MUST BE STUDENTS) for setting up the stage for their performance and will only be given 5 mins to set up the stage for the performance. (Curtains will open after 5 mins and the performance time will start)


TOP TIPSLight Bulb
This is not a classical music competition, so if you choose to do a ‘classical piece’ it’s got to be entertaining to a wide audience – don’t just get some music and play well, we want a performance! Maybe your own arrangement or mashup with vocals to a piece that doesn’t usually involve the voice – think outside the box!

It’s not a battle of the bands either, we don’t want it to be a band that already exists – add a string section or a horn section – don’t just do a cover the same way as the original – again think outside the box – its got to entertain people!!

The number one thing to make sure is whatever ensemble lineup or genre of music you choose, the quality has got to be amazing!!! This is to crown your school CHAMPIONS for 2018 and potentially earn your school music department some money that could help support your school. This is your chance to show Ealing what your school’s made of!

APPLY NOW by clicking HERE. DEADLINE: Monday 15th January 2018.

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