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So, you’ve starting learning a musical instrument and you are relishing the challenge of learning all the fascinating aspects this comes with.  Ensemble playing is an essential part of learning to play a musical instrument; helping with different technical and musical aspects of instrumental playing as well as being a great opportunity to meet other musicians.

To find out more information about joining ensembles or setting up an ensemble in your school, contact Caroline Swan (Ensemble Development Leader) SwanC@ealing.gov.uk

Ealing Music Service Ensembles in Schools

Little Ealing Primary Orchestra is for orchestral woodwind, brass, percussion or string players who are of a Grade 1 standard or above.  The orchestra meet on Wednesdays from 3.30pm – 4.30pm at Little Ealing Primary School.

Durdans Park Flute Choir is for flute pupils right from a beginner standard up to Grade 4.  The flute choir meet on Fridays from 3.45pm – 4.45pm at Durdans Park Primary School.

Wood End Academy Recorder Ensemble is for recorder pupils of any standard; perfect if you have completed a year of Ealing Music Service’s Spark! programme.  They meet on Thursdays from 3:45 – 4:45 at Wood End Academy, Greenford.

St Mark’s ‘Everything’ Band is just for that, everything!  Whether you play flute, violin, tabla, recorder, drums or even the didgeridoo! The Everything Band have a space for you at their rehearsals on Thursdays between 3:30 and 4:15 at St Mark’s Primary School, Hanwell.

Ealing Music Service Ensembles @ The London College of MusicCadenza

To find out more about ‘Cadenza’, our Saturday music centre based at The London College of Music, click here.

Cadenza hosts a variety of ensembles including:

Ealing Starter Strings

Ealing Starter Concert Band

Percussion Ensemble

Ealing Training Orchestra

Ealing Young Voices

Coming soon…

Ealing Intermediate Strings

Ealing Intermediate Wind Band

Ealing Intermediate Orchestra

Ealing Junior Jazz Band

What else can I join?

Click below for a list of suitable ensembles:

I have been learning for 1 yearWhat can I join? I have been learning for 2 yearsWhat can I join? I am grade 2-3What can I join? I am grade 4-5What can I join? I am grade 6-7What can I join? I am grade 8+What can I join?

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