This application form can be used to apply for the following awards:

  • Leonardo Aggio Financial Trust Award
  • Ealing Music & Film Festival Senior Music Scholarship

In order to apply for any of the above awards, we require a report from a music teacher (or head teacher if necessary). Please download the form EMS502, ask your teacher to fill it in, then scan it in and upload it below.

You are advised to read through the form before attempting it –  drafting the longer questions in a word processor in advanced.

* = required field

  • Applicant Details

  • Musical Details

  • Financial Criteria

  •   Leonardo Aggio Financial Trust Award
      Ealing Music & Film Senior Music Scholarship
      John Lyon Ealing Bursaries & Scholarships
      Never applied before
  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity

  • Award Request

  • Please indicate which award(s) the applicant is applying for along with appropriate details:

  • Terms & Conditions, including eligibility and further info can be found here

  • Please give details of the musical instrument or course you wish to purchase:,

  • Please give details of the music course you wish to attend: (Courses are only funded in exceptional circumstances),

  • You have chosen to apply for the EMFF Senior Music Scholarship. You will be unable to apply for any further Ealing Awards this year (except Leonardo Aggio).

  • Terms & Conditions, including eligibility and further info can be found here

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