Chineke! Summer School

Chineke! Foundation ‘Music Composition Workshops’ led by composer Errollyn Wallen in partnership with EMS – Summer Term Holiday 2019!

Purpose of the Project
The Chineke! Foundation and Orchestra and Ealing Music Service want to address increasing gaps in music education where there is little or no exposure to live classical music, especially those in culturally diverse areas of the UK such as Ealing and to encourage young people to be creative, learn to play an instrument and join an orchestra.

Project Content
The Chineke! Foundation will work with KS3 and KS4 students (Y7-Y11) of all backgrounds, to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of classical music by;

  1. Supporting pupils’ creative expression through an intensive music composition workshop led by contemporary composer and excellent educator Errollyn Wallen:
  2. Give your students the opportunity to work with world-class BME (black and minority ethnic) musicians from the Chineke! Orchestra who will act as mentors and role-models
  3. Boost young people’s confidence and self-esteem by encouraging individual creative thinking and team-building through music while being supported by dynamic professional

Details of the Workshops:

  1. The students will create their own music in response to living/contemporary composer Errollyn Wallen’s work, supported by Chineke! Orchestra musicians acting as musical mentors.
  2. The composer and mentors will work with students of all musical abilities and stages of learning from years 7 to 11, (including GCSE Music students).
  3. Chineke! mentors will facilitate the young people’s improvisation in a group, using their own instruments or a range of percussion instruments and help them to notate their music either in the traditional way or as a ‘picture’.
  4. The students work alongside the composer at the first session, in groups, where they workshop a piece together in response to a Wallen ‘graphic score’ – a picture version of the music score and the composer helps them with the best way to develop and record their musical ideas.
  5. The Chineke! musicians who lead the workshops will play Errollyn Wallen’s music live at the first workshop session, to inspire the students.
  6. The students will choose a theme to stimulate ideas for their piece or vote on a theme in advance before the first day of the workshops.
  7. They will work intensively over 3 days (29th, 30th & 31st May 2019, 9:30-15:30), during the half term holiday, with a performance on the final day – an early evening ‘sharing’ concert for invited friends and family
  8. The workshops will be held at Ellen Wilkinson School with students from neighbouring schools taking part.
  9. Students will take part in groups of eight, each supported by a Chineke! mentor with Errollyn Wallen overseeing all groups.
  10. We will audio record live workshop sessions as a reminder for the students of their developing work and for easier notation for the next session.
  11. All Chineke! mentors and support staff will be DBS checked.

Aims and outcomes:

  1. The project will help to enhance the participants’ music curriculum learning in school, including supporting any GCSE music students’ compositions.
  2. Students from BME and other backgrounds work directly with world-renowned Classical BME musicians and a composer enabling them to see a clear pathway to excellence in an industry that has not yet fully embraced diversity and show them how they can help to be part of that change.
  3. Students participating are persuaded to join an orchestra at the music service or at school after the project has ended and feel more prepared to write and record their own music.
  4. Working alongside their peers, students create together in an ensemble, learning to collaborate effectively, listen more accurately and perform confidently.
  5. The ‘sharing’ concert on the final day for families will help them to encourage their young musicians at home by listening to the music they have created played live.
  6. Exceptional and talented young people from Ealing are encouraged to join the Chineke! Junior Orchestra, ages 11-15 years (Y7-Y11), grade 7 and up and offered an audition to become members.
  7. Chineke! adult musicians will inspire young people to take part in an orchestra and demonstrate the value of participation in classical music, by talking about their own career pathways.
  8. Young people are motivated to encourage their families and friends to attend classical music concerts as audience members and watch and listen to live music more often.
  9. Young people participating grow in confidence, feeling more able to express themselves creatively.

How to Apply:
To register your interest, please complete the short ‘Expression of Interest’ form online by clicking HERE or on the APPLY NOW button!


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