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Ealing Music Service have joined forces with the Palestine Community Foundation (PCF) to bring “Bethlehem Link” – a cultural exchange bringing together teenagers from Bethlehem and Britain – to Ealing’s schools and communities.

A group of 17 dancers, aged 13 to 16, known as Hakaya from the Ghirass Centre in Bethlehem Link will be visiting the UK from 30th June – 15th July. They will visit primary and secondary schools to deliver dancing and drumming workshops and perform singing, dancing and drumming.

In addition to school visits, Bethlehem Link will take to the stage at prestigious events, from Ealing Music Service’s Tutti and Cadenza Summer Showcase and experience a range of Western classical music performances by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Classical Opera and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. They will perform a mix of traditional Palestinian Dabke and classical Arabic drumming, as well as solo performances.

Bethlehem Link is a non-political partnership. Its power lies in allowing young people to share their cultures, forge friendships and form their own opinions, based on their individual experiences. PCF is thrilled that some of the young people from previous cohorts remain in contact as adults, some twenty years later!

Demand for Bethlehem Link will be high and schools are requested to submit their expressions of interest quickly.

Possible Activities

  • The Palestine Community Foundation would like the Palestinian children to shadow 1 or more (up to 3) of your school children for approximately half a day.
  • Workshops on Singing, Dancing and Drumming.
  • Bethlehem Link are happy to provide a 30-45 minute performance for your pupils and parents, preferably towards the end of the day.
  • A representative of the Palestine Community Foundation will liaise with the schools contact person to agree the details of the day.

Schools to Provide

  • To pair up a Palestinian young person with 1 or more of your own pupils (up to 3) with a view to developing long-term relationships
  • 2/3 microphones and speaker system for the workshops and performance
  • Lunch for 17 young people and 5 adults
  • BL is likely to cost the Palestine Community Foundation circa £30,000. Each host school is requested to provide a small contribution of £100 per day, to be invoiced by Ealing Music Service in the summer term.
  • Questions

Terms and Conditions

  • Adequate space for the workshop and performance will need to be organised by the school.
  • Schools are requested to pay a small contribution of £100 per day, to be invoiced in the summer term.
  • Suggested times for the workshops are approximate. Slight adjustments can be made to suit your school.
  • None of the visitors will have been DBS checked and we therefore advise you take this into account as part of your on-the-day internal arrangements.
  • This project is intended for pupils in year 6 and up.
  • Deadline to apply: Monday 20th May

Expression of Interest

Please register your interest by completing the short expression of interest form below:


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