Alice Gross Memorial Song Writing Award – And the winner is…

The winner of the Alice Gross Memorial Song Writing Award 2019 is…. Isabella, Ardhana & Crossly with their Song entitled ‘Find a Way’. CONGRATULATIONS!

Isabella, Ardhana & Crossly win the opportunity to record their song in a professional recording studio and have a mastered copy of their song produced.

Their song ‘Find a Way’ is a collaboration between three people working together to write the lyrics, melody, harmonies and piano accompaniment. It is sung by Ardhana & Isabella and accompanied by Crossly on the piano. It explores the dilemma of being in a toxic relationship. It’s about all the time and effort invested in the relationship and the helplessness of being unable to leave, even though it’s not right to stay. The song as a whole shows the transition from being in this dilemma to realising that sometimes, doing the right thing is doing the thing that hurts the most.

The standard was really high again this year and it was a close call! The judges really loved the winning song and had the following comments:

“A great arrangement with clear verse, pre-chorus and chorus progression, thoughtful melodic and rhythm hooks in each with a good use of repetition to draw the listener’s ear. Love the use of hamonies to back up the main vocal!”

“This is a very strong song. Well crafted and beautifully executed in terms of form, structure, dynamics and texture. The vocal line (melody & lyrics) is engaging from the very first line, and holds attention throughout the song throughout a rollercoaster of dynamics & emotions. The piano counter melodies and riffs work beautifully with the vocals, always supporting the narrative and never detracting or feeling like they’re just there for their own sake. I could see this song very at home amongst contemporary chart toppers”

“I love how Isabella, Ardhana & Crossly took a very familiar the concept of a relationship that has broken down and created an original sounding song with it. The use of harmony and then the introduction of Crossly’s voice from the bridge into the final chorus is a welcome change. The tempo of the chorus and bridge can almost distract from the fact that it’s a sad song which could be interpreted as an acceptance of the inevitable end of the relationship. I especially enjoyed the ad libs over the last chorus”

Samantha Spence, Assistant Head of Ealing Music Service said “All of the entries this year again were of an exceptional high standard it was really close, the judges had a hard time choosing! Once again it shows we have some very talented songwriters in our schools! Well done to all the entries! I look forward to hearing more from you all in the future!”

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