Alice Gross Memorial Song Writing Award – And the winner is…

The winner of the Alice Gross Memorial Song Writing Award 2018 is…. Elise McQueen with her Song entitled ‘Mortal Souls‘. CONGRATULATIONS!

Elise wins the opportunity to record her song in a professional recording studio and have a mastered copy of her song produced.

The judges were very impressed with her piece ‘Mortal Souls’.

“A very well constructed song with poignant lyrics and a clear message well delivered. Strong chorus, both lyrically and melodically.  It is supported by a simple but effective accompaniment arrangement, which supports and doesn’t detract from the message”

“I love everything about the song. It is very astute with a clear narrative the song progresses. It evokes thought and reflection about the messages delivered.I liked that the melody was intriguing making the listener want to play to the song over and over to think about every lyric and follow the unpredictable shape of the melody. Brilliant work which deserves the winning prize!

“A delivery which betrays the singer’s years, a sure and confident song that matches the singer’s own brief perfectly.”

Samantha Spence, Assistant Head of Ealing Music Service said “All of the entries this year again were of an exceptional high standard and I’m glad I didn’t have to judge them! We have some very talented songwriters in our schools! Well done to all the entries! I look forward to hearing more from you all in the future!”

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