Alice Gross Awards Songs 2018/19

Ealing Music Service’s Alice Gross Song Writing Memorial Award is now live and the songwriters have been shortlisted for the award. Have a listen to their tracks below and if you like, leave a comment in the box below. The winner will be chosen by an expert panel of judges, and announced at Midday on Friday 11th January 2019! The winner will be awarded a day of recording time at a professional recording studio to produce a studio mastered version of the winning song. Good Luck to all the shortlisted finalists!

Last years winner Raquel Joseph recorder her song ‘Crestfallen’ at the British Grove Studios earlier this year. See footage of her recording session and hear the final, digitally mastered version of her song below!

Alice Gross was a promising musician and song writer who attended Brentside Academy High and tragically lost her life in September 2014. She has been described as a loving, loyal and quirky girl, with a lively sense of comedy and a compassionate nature. She was a keen musician, who wrote and sang her own songs, played the violin and piano and was learning the guitar. Alice hoped, one day, to have a career in music.

This award is to honour her memory and the love she had in music making and in song writing in particular. It will be an opportunity for other young people to share their music, and gain recognition and support in reaching a musical goal.

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Alice Gross Memorial Song Writing Award Finalists 2018/2019

Amanie Kafita – “So Confused”


Beth McCormack  – “Over”


Crossly Lucas – “Don’t Let Me Go”


Elise McQueen – “Mortal Souls”


Julien Boyeldieu – “New Song”


Melissa Pakjou – “Just Wait…”


Sinead Murphy – “Journeys”


Please leave constructive comments below – the students would love to know what you think of their hard work. The winner will be chosen by an expert panel of judges and announced at Midday on Friday 11th January 2019.

Comments ( 123 )
  1. Samantha Spence

    Really great to hear this year’s entries for the Alice Gross Memorial Songwriting Award. All of the entries are so good. Hard to pick a favourite! What do you think? Comment below! 😊

  2. Just listened to all, most of them are great voices but personally between them all Melissa Pakjou got my attention, her singing style is purely genuine as you’ve got Awesome gift with your wonderful voice, keep it up and wish you all, all the best.

  3. Mo

    Wow, this a wonderful, beautiful version of this song.
    Thank you melissa Pakjou for this beautiful song.

  4. Mohsen

    I believe Melissa Pakju has got a very unque and nice voice.her voice is potencial and got a good talent .
    I like her voice

  5. Nawaar Hachim

    You have the most beautiful voice Melissa Pakjou
    We all love it
    Good luck

  6. Máté Fok

    Go Melissa Pakjou! Her voice is amazing

  7. Amir

    Melissa is extraordinary singer

  8. Hiba Ahmad

    Melissa pakjou

  9. Mariam taha

    I had a chance to listen to all these amazing young song writers but the Beth McCormack was the best in my opinion. Her words really spoke to me and the way she was playing the guitar really suited the song while I found her voice very soothing. After listening to all these amazing songs I have become a fan of Beth McCormack you could even say she has won me oVER

  10. Suzy martin

    Omg all these singers/writers are soon good but honestly the one that stood out for me Beth McCormack her song was really good and the way she was singing made me connect with the song and with her as an artist

  11. Mark Toth

    I vote to Melissa Pakjou

  12. Shahab

    Melissa Pakjou perfect like always . 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  13. Naser Ostad

    Melissa Pakjou

  14. Sepideh

    I love melissa’s voice.
    Her voice is amazing👍
    Keep going melissa🤩🤩
    You are a star👍

  15. mercedes

    melissa pakjou should win it!!

  16. Lisa

    Well done to Beth! Your amazing song writing skills are evident here. Fingers crossed for you!!!

  17. Robert Nicholas

    All good entries this year, but my favourite song is the one by Beth McCormack ‘over … I like the acoustic guitar & her wonderful natural voice 🎤😎

  18. Mercedes Ortiz

    Melissa Pakjou

  19. Farough Pakjou

    I vote for Melissa Pakjou

  20. Sena

    Vote for Melissa Pakjou

  21. Sheila

    Melissa Pakjou’s is my favourite and she has an amazing voice!

  22. Nicole Hesami

    Melissa have etraordinary voice

  23. Nicole Hesami

    Melissa have extraordinary voice

  24. Mohammad Reza Kalateh

    Vote for Melissa Pakjou

  25. I love just wait by Melissa Pakjou she has a beautiful voice and it compliments the music very well💗

  26. Paul

    I think Melissa has a great voice. So she gets my vote

  27. Heshmat Alizadeh

    I vote for Melissa Pakjou

  28. Mohamed Muhalhal

    I vote for Melissa Pakjou

  29. Laureta

    I vote for Melissa Pakjou she is amazing

  30. Durim Alsina

    I vote for Melissa Pakjou she amazing

  31. S Ahmed

    i like Melissa Pakjou’s song

  32. Bushra

    Mellisa has the best song

  33. Carrie Gardner

    Melissa Pakjou vocals and song are stunning. A great charity in Alice’s name too!

  34. All these singers are soon good but honestly the one that stood out for me Mellisa pakjou her song was really good and the way she was singing made me connect with the song and with her as an artist.

  35. mills

    They’re all very talented but I couldn’t stop listening to Beth’s voice, her song was beautiful and I’m shocked that she wrote that by herself, her song is so creative and just seems more real to me. (Not meaning that in a horrible way!!) we need more music like this, I cannot stop listening to her song. I’m not just saying this but the first time I listened to this I have no idea why but I honestly started crying as dramatic as that sounds hahahah, defo got my vote!!

  36. Farough Pakjou

    Melissa Pakjou has a great voice

  37. Mohammad Reza Kalateh

    Melissa has a perfect voice

  38. Harry Brooks

    Melissa is the best one

  39. Jeanette

    Listened to all the songs, some quite depressing, particularly those accompanied by piano. Most upbeat, melodic & some underlying humour, was Beth McCormack. Clear, light, tuneful voice.
    Good to know this competition exists in Alice’s memory, providing all these talented people with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents.

  40. Katya

    Melissa Pakjou singing so cool 🙂

  41. katie

    beth’s song is so amazing her high notes were so beautiful

  42. milly

    all the songs are amazing!personally i like beth’s the most she gets my vote

  43. cathy

    i can really see an unique distinct style with beth very different unlike some people who’s song sound a bit basic

  44. holly

    beth’s voice is amazing and so is her song makes me wanna get up a dance well done beth we all love u

  45. matthew

    beth has an amazing voice and such pure talent

  46. mick

    beth’s is pure beauty wow

  47. Lucy

    wow beth’s already won it for me your amazing darling

  48. susan gardner

    Melisa, the new “Adele”.

  49. Lola

    wow didn’t expect to hear such pure talent from such young children especially beth wow

  50. I love Melissa song …
    I am gonna support her because I love her voice

  51. Alaa Abou Hasan

    Well done Mellisa the song and your vocals are amazing hope you win this for the good cause

  52. Hala

    Melissa Pakju is amazing her voice is full of emotions.
    Well done .

  53. charlie

    wow so many talented people but i’m really loving beth her is so much more upbeat and catchy

  54. ❤️


  55. Dee

    Melissa gets my vote 100%

  56. Nancy Malik

    Incredible voice by Melissa Pakjou. Her voice is pure and soulful.

  57. Sam

    Some good songs on there, but without doubt the winner has to be Beth, such a great song, lovely tone to her voice, and the guitar playing is wonderful!
    Beth for the win

  58. Sam

    Some good songs on there, but without doubt the winner has to be Beth, such a great song, lovely tone to her voice, and the guitar playing is wonderful!
    Very talented songwriter on top of all that!!

  59. manuela

    melissa is insanely talented and her voice is absolutely beautiful

  60. Nicole

    You have an amazing voice Melissa Pakjou and the song is beautiful:)

  61. Nneka Obi

    Wow the entries this year are great, but I love Amanie’s song as I feel we’ve all been through a similar experience. The texture of her voice is so inviting and I’d love to hear this young artist develop her sound.

  62. Kaushik sen

    Melissa pakjou. Listening to her some I can feel the emotions straight into my heart. Having said that, the other singers are very good as well, but melissa’s Voice and the way she delivered the song, makes her stand out.

  63. Peter

    Beth reminds me of Lily Allen. Great song

  64. Sam

    Amanie did a really good job, proud of her. She’s got my vote

  65. Lulya

    Love Amanies voice

  66. Peter

    As songs go, Over by Beth McCormack is fantastically written. Reminds me of Lily Allen. The song so gets my vote.

  67. Rana

    Melissa’s one was sooooo good!! I love the song and her voice is just so amazing😍😍

  68. Jemila Jaffa

    I love “Confused” by Amanie Kafita. Beautiful lyrics, good voice. And, it’s very current and can actually imagine it in the charts. Very talented young lady. Well done Amanie! Great job! 👌👍

  69. Sam

    All good songs, but for me, Beth had to win, brilliant song writing, very lovely tone to her voice

  70. Iman

    Every body doing great thanks to all , Melisa I love your voice , what a voice , takes me on a journey and brought up my emotion , well done to you and carry on .

  71. David

    Beth had to win
    Such a brilliant piece of music!
    Best bit of song writing here!
    Brilliant voice!

  72. Mary

    not trying to attack anyone, your voices are beautiful but the detail beth has in her song is gorgeous. It’s so original and I feel as if we’ve heard most of these type of songs all before, you’re all extremely talented but Beth’s stood out for me. Nothing’s perfect but I think Beth’s not afraid to show that and her voice is stunning and lyrics really stood out for me. It’s hard to find songs like Beth’s, you could tell it meant something to her. I can’t wait to see what she does in the future!! Someone’s voice may be beautiful and they should go for it but we need originality, that’s just my opinion but Beth’s got my vote. Good luck to all of you!

  73. James

    beth, you’re so brave for even sharing your music and you should be proud. I know it may not seem like a lot to some people but the courage that takes is shocking, I would never be that confident and able to do that. What a beautiful voice, I could listen to you all day!! Defo got my vote

  74. Charles

    beth is insanely talented her voice is literally angelic you’ve won my heart
    I’m voting for her

  75. Isabel

    Beth’s got the most amazing voice and song hands down. I feel like I’ve heard the others songs already and her song is so original? It’s so meaningful and she deserves a chance to shine. We need music that connects with us and songs that can turn pain and something that affects us dearly into something upbeat and comforting. Her voice, wow. Just wow

  76. Ferguson

    Beth’s voice and song is stunning. Need I say more??

  77. Gus

    Beth’s is amazing, she’s got the whole package
    Meaning, a beautiful voice, reassurance, originality, creativity, comfort.

  78. Agata Bak

    Melissa well done girl! Amazing voice🤩

  79. Salar

    Melissa Pakjou 😍

  80. Suvita

    Personal favourite Beth who sang Over, beautifully sang lovely tone!

  81. Caroline

    Very talented young people, personally I think Beth McCorrmack’s song “Over” is the one I would vote for.

  82. Favour Okafor

    Amazing Amanie I love confused ❤️❤️❤️

  83. Lyndsay

    Beth’s song is incredible! 🙂 her voice is beautiful and the song is so catchy! 💕 what a talent! Well done Beth you little beauty! Xx

  84. Susan

    Amanie kafita!!! love her song!

  85. Faith Olajuyigbe

    Beautiful Amanie!

  86. Army

    I vote for Julien Boyeldieu : such great song! Love it 😍💖

  87. Jordan

    Well done Beth keep up the good work. Sounds great, really good lyrics!!

  88. SIMONE

    Great voice 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 I vote amine

  89. Simone

    Amazing voice by Amanie I vote for her

  90. Simone

    Amanie has to be the winner beautiful voice 🙌🏿🙌🏿👌🏿

  91. Jaeld

    A great performance , outstanding! My vote goes for you Melissa Pakjou 🎤🎼

  92. Lena

    I love Julien Boyeldieu ‘song. He is a great artist. Amazing song ! I vote for him ❤❤❤

  93. Hélène

    I vote for Julien Boyeldieu. “New song ” is great, amazing ! He ‘s the Best ! 😉😍

  94. Leonie Gelly

    I believe Amanie sang greatttt. You can still hear her youth in her. Once and I believe she would be a great inspiration to other your people to showcase their talents. Amanie to win!!!

  95. Ata Vaziri

    Melissa Pakjou got beautiful voice

  96. Shkembi

    Great performance, brilliant voice! You deserve it! MELISSA PAKJOU

  97. Gina

    All have great talent. I think Melissa Pakjou got a great chance to win the final and a wonderful voice. Good luck to all.

  98. Nawal haji

    Melissa pakjou’s was by far the best her voice was beautiful 😍

  99. Tamara Hijazi

    Melissa Pakjou! Mesmerising voice…would love to her more of her!! Great job…keep up the amazing work!

  100. Mike

    Melissa has incredible voice

  101. Gina

    Great voice Melissa Pakjou!!!

  102. Eldi

    It’s nice to hear every single song , voice and creation. My vote goes for Melissa Pakjou as she has an outstanding voice and performance!🎤🎼🎼🎤

  103. Dana

    I vote for Melissa.
    She is a super talented.

  104. John

    Such high standards from all.. Ealing be proud. But.. i’m loving Beth McCormack’s lyrics and delivery! This is a song writing competition? Then it’s clear who the winner is. Beth McCormack!

  105. Ryan Da Costa

    Mellissa has such a beautiful voice and is such an awesome young lady too.
    Mellisa Pakjou to win.!!

  106. Nice song Melissa Pakjou. You are going to go so far in music industry.

  107. BB

    Technically speaking I think Julien’s song has got a lot to offer. It is also very catchy and very upbeat. I like the full use of many instruments and the guitar solo demonstrates a wide range of skills. I also like the originality of the theme. It is such a happy song.

  108. Hatem

    Melissa has incredible voice well done

  109. Anduela

    I love your song Melisa Pakjou .
    You have a really nice voice Well done!
    Good Luck

  110. Prakhar Srivastava

    Melisa Pakjou,you are amazing..

  111. Peter

    There are some great songs here, some great voices, but I think Julien’s is the most exciting song – it’s very witty and has a clever structure.

  112. Rhiannon stewart

    Mortal souls by ELISE MCQUEEN really brought a tear to my eye. I dont know her but i feel like i do after that masterpiece. I just found her youtube and … wow. IM INSPIRED. Everyone elses is okay but this one screamed winner at me.

  113. Abi

    They are all amazing. Elise’s voice is so beautiful and such a powerful song, Elise for the win.

  114. Julia

    ELISE MCQUEEN SINGING MORTAL SOULS IS OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! her voice is incredible and the song has a beautiful and powerful message. I feel like everyone can relate to it for example a beloved pet died last year and it really hit me 😥

  115. qader

    melisa pakjou is very prefect
    she will be a big singer.
    she have a very nice voice.

  116. Rosalind Hodgkiss

    All incredibly talented. Thank you for submitting your entries and keep playing, writing and singing. With love from Alice’s mum.

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