ABRSM Conference – 4 November 2017

Enhance your teaching

With a focus on ABRSM’s new Flute, Clarinet and Singing syllabuses, the ABRSM conference will offer thought-provoking ideas to introduce inspiring new repertoire and digital resources for class, group and one-to-one lessons.

Other highlights include sessions on:

  • Performing skills and programme planning
  • Developing core musical skills in the early years
  • Teaching students with disabilities and specific needs

Presenters include ABRSM’s Chief Examiner, who together with Paul Harris will explore the new clarinet syllabus. John will also share guidance on how to approach assessment in instrumental lessons and the classroom as well as the exam room. Zoe Booth will share creative ideas for teaching the flute syllabus and Heidi Pegler the new singing syllabus; and Anthony Williams will look at ways to perfect performing skills.

Book your place here: https://gb.abrsm.org/en/courses-and-events/abrsm-conference-2017

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